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Use Flipdeck iOS to Promote Your Business

Sales team talking

If you’re self-employed, a small business owner, or an independent contractor, you’re well acquainted with the need to be your own sales team. The Flipdeck iOS® app can help streamline self-promotion for your business with easy access to shareable information.

Business people talking

Lead generation can happen anywhere. Are you ready?

When you are your business, everyday conversations can lead to potential customers. When someone finds out what you do, having the right information to answer their questions can turn a polite conversation into a business opportunity — but time is of the essence. Searching for copies in your car or digging through your email outbox is a hassle and can make you appear unorganized.

Impress with Flipdeck

Giving potential customers instant gratification helps you look even more professional — even as a sales team of one. With the Flipdeck iOS app, you can easily cue up important information in advance. A user-friendly cards and decks approach makes it easy to organize your pricing information, customer testimonials, links to blogs and social media pages, digital business cards, samples, and more.

Man holding iPhone with Flipdeck on screen

Simply upload your files to your preferred file sharing service — such as Box, Google Drive, Dropbox — and copy/paste the “shared link” into your new Flipdeck cards. Once your cards have been created, you can send them again and again — right from your phone.

Get even more with a Flipdeck account

Want an even easier way to load content into your Flipdeck iOS app? A Flipdeck account gives you the ability to create cards and manage content in a desktop browser. Sync with the iOS app, and your self-promotion content will always be right at your fingertips.

Be prepared for self-promotion anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. Turn everyday conversations into customers with Flipdeck.

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