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Give your customers
instant gratification

The business world moves fast. Flipdeck® can help you keep up with its pace with frequently shared information at your fingertips — so you don’t have to go searching for the same links, docs, and videos every time you’re asked.

Use Flipdeck to send just the right link

Whether you are a small business owner, sales rep, or field agent, Flipdeck can help you organize and share information right from your phone. No more waiting until you’re back in the office to send.

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Product spec page

Provide detailed information in seconds

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Enhance the conversation with links to informative videos

spec icon

Price sheet

Answer price-related questions quickly and efficiently

brochure icon


Make an eye-catching first impression

testimonials icon


Build your company’s reputation

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Company profile

Share who you are and what you do

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Credit app

Offer digital application forms to speed up processes

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Generate buzz with timely and relevant promos

Cards hold information you send over and over

Do you have a “short-list” of information you find yourself digging up and sending again and again? Things like product web page links, brochures, company profiles, price sheets, or promotions? Flipdeck helps you organize information so you can quickly find it, whenever you need it.

decks icon


Your decks are how you organize cards

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1-touch access to the things you share most

Create your cards

Put the info you send again and again — like your business card, product web page, or company website — on a card. You can also add an image, notes, and links. Then share it with anyone!

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Add Title

Customize card names however you wish

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Add Image

Show off your product with a high resolution photo

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add notes icon

Add Notes

Enhance cards with descriptions and important details

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Add Links

Keep related web pages and PDF files close at hand

Share info on the go

Today’s customers expect a quick response. Flipdeck can help you support customer needs — anytime, anywhere. With your important information at your fingertips, you can keep the conversation going by sending the appropriate cards to customers as soon as they ask.

There are lots of ways to use Flipdeck

Any information you like can be put on a card. Create it once, then share it over and over.

...and even more ways.


Give customers instant gratifcation.


Make connections with different sets of contact information.


Help people know who you are and why they should use you.

Flipdeck makes you look good!

Your customers don’t have to wait until you’re back in the office to receive the info you discussed.

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Available for iPhone® on iOS 9+.

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