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How is Flipdeck different?

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Share the right content quickly
Organize links to content on cards & decks. Save time finding content and distribute information quickly and easily by email, or by sending a link to specifically chosen content. With Flipdeck you can be responsive and prepared even when selling virtually.

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Simple & visual
Flipdeck is visual and intuitive. Cards & decks are a familiar concept that is easy to understand and navigate so you can arm your team with a simple way to browse and choose content.

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Cost effective & low risk
Sales enablement and content management solutions can be expensive. There can also be the hidden cost of having to move all the content. Flipdeck comes with a low cost of entry, and you can leave your content right where it is.

Here’s what others have said about Flipdeck

"The beauty of Flipdeck is its minimalist approach. The content clutter is eliminated for both the salesperson and the buyer. Simplicity and clarity are the cornerstones of good design."
- Nancy Nardin, President, Smart Selling Tools

"I like how all the information I want to share is in one place — no hunting and pecking around."
- C. Whipple, Ricoh USA

"A clever and innovative tool."
- Steven Wright, Vendor Neutral

"I discovered that Flipdeck is awesome."
- Ray Stasieczko, TEASRA the Innovation Channel

"I am excited to be using Flipdeck since I send so much of the same information out and I’m always hunting it down and attaching to e-mail!!!"
- M. Stone

Customers innovate with Flipdeck

Ray Stasieczko, a passionate Flipdeck user and host of The End of The Day with Ray, is using Flipdeck to manage and send content about his new services.

"Folks, we're working on this special project for IT service providers and through that work I discovered something. I discovered that Flipdeck is awesome... because I'm using it to promote The End of The Day With Ray and my new venue Ray's Café."

- Ray Stasieczko
Host of The End of the Day With Ray

Ray Stasieczko

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