Add Value with Content That's Personal to Your Buyer

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Key Ideas

  • Offer specifically curated content to contacts and customers
  • Personal wins over persona
  • Keep conversations moving forward and eliminate delays
  • Enable personal follow-ups with Flipdeck

Offer specifically curated content to contacts and customers

Your marketing team has spent time and resources creating content. Your sales reps and dealer channels have cultivated relationships with prospects and customers. Falling back on “one size fits all” messaging at the finish line can undo the positive groundwork that got you there in the first place. Instead, add value with content that is specifically curated for your prospect's interests, pain points, and goals. Give customers the details that will get them excited about your proposal. Continue conversations with social media leads by sending them exactly what they need — and nothing they don't — in one convenient link.

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Personal wins over persona

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Marketing personas can provide helpful guidelines for aligning your sales content with different types of buyers — but don't forget to look past the persona and see the individual person. Just because Prospect A and Prospect B are both CEOs in the finance sector doesn't mean they will always find the same content helpful. Stop communicating with imaginary stereotypes and connect with buyers as people. Make it easy for sales reps to package exactly what their individual customers need to help further relationships and move conversations toward the close.

Keep conversations moving forward and eliminate delays

In cultivating customer relationships, timing is key. You may have the perfect content to answer prospect questions, but finding and sending materials hours or days too late often means missing out on the opportunity altogether. When curating content, make sure it's accessible to sales personnel no matter where they happen to be. Give them the tools to package what they need and send it to customers and prospects in just a few clicks.

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Enable personal follow-ups with Flipdeck

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Flipdeck makes it easy to curate personalized content for individual needs. Create cards with links to your best content, organize them into decks, and give sales reps and dealers the ability to access them anywhere via web browser. With our Card Collections feature, you can gather cards from any deck into a customized collection — complete with a direct URL that can be shared via email, text, LinkedIn message, social media, and more. This curated landing page can even be password protected.


  • Gives you the tools to replace outdated “one size fits all” marketing methods with personalized curated content.
  • Enables personal relationship building with customizable content landing pages.
  • Keeps opportunities moving forward by putting appropriate content front and center, with just a few clicks.
  • Brings marketing and sales efforts together in a simple, easy to understand, easy to use platform.

We designed Flipdeck to make it simple for sales channels, dealer networks, and marketing professionals to empower personal connections and add value with the right content in the right moment — whether they're in the office, working remotely, or out in the field.

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