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Empower your sales leaders, your new reps, and your entire organization with an effective, visual, modern playbook.

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Is your existing pdf playbook struggling to deliver?

You've probably spent a ton of energy on...

  • Analyzing markets, trends, and customer pain points
  • Assessing the competition
  • Determining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats throughout the sales cycle
  • Collecting all that information into a playbook that is supposed to guide your sales team to repeatable success

But... is the resulting playbook packed so full of knowledge and guidance that sales reps don't want to read it — let alone use it in their selling process?

Is it a pain to keep the playbook pdf up to date with all the changes that occur, forcing your marketing team to daily distribute updated plays to your sales team?

It's time for a pivot on your existing sales and marketing playbook. If you need ideas or don't know where to start, we've got you covered.

Create a digital playbook in Flipdeck

Ditch the thick pdf playbook with the multi-page index and replace it with a living document your direct sales teams and dealer sales reps will actually want to use.


3 keys to Digital Playbook success

The sales playbook creation process doesn't have to be painful. Follow these 3 keys for a playbook that works for you throughout the sales cycle.

  1. Have a plan
  2. Provide simple / visual online delivery
  3. Generate insight for improvement
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Success key #1: Have a plan

If you want to bring your sales and marketing playbook into the digital age so you can close more deals, bring in more revenue, and impress during sales calls, you need to know where to start. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What information do we need to share?
  • How should we organize it?
  • What customer pain points can we help solve?
  • What common objections might we run into?
  • What content will provide the most value to sales reps, dealers, and customers?

There's no need to start planning with a completely blank page. We've got you covered! We've created FREE materials to help jump-start your planning process.

Our collection of digital playbook planning resources can help you and your marketing team hit the ground running with a menu of potential sections and sub-topic ideas. We'll walk you through the early planning steps — so you can feel confident creating an effective sales playbook your sales teams and dealer sales reps will want to use.

Access the collection and you'll be able to download these helpful tools:

  • 5 planning steps to get the ball rolling
  • A ready-to-go Excel template to jump-start content ideas
  • An example of what a bite-sized, highly visual digital playbook can look like

Success key #2: Provide simple / visual online delivery

Wouldn't it be great if you could always find the right sales content you need — in seconds — when you're in front of prospective customers? Say goodbye to the awkward silence that happens while you search through old emails and files. Make it easy to find what you're looking for and improve the buying process with a simple, highly visual way to direct reps, partners, prospects, and existing customers to specific content.

With the right sales tools, you won't have to worry about expending a ton of time, money, and energy to put together a playbook and keep it updated and current. That's why we designed a system that makes creating your playbook as simple and visual as possible.

Flipdeck is designed to be highly visual and intuitive for improved sales performance. Remember trading card games? Everything your sales and marketing teams need is organized into Flipdeck decks and cards for simple sales enablement. Each card contains links to sales content material, which can be stored anywhere. No need to move your content from where it already lives!

Once created, cards are easy to access and share via web browser. Send cards to prospects or customers in seconds via email. You can also pull together Flipdeck cards into a curated online Collection and share via a custom URL (send via social media, email, text, and more).

Flipdeck interface showing a card ready to be sent.
Flipdeck analytics interface with metrics graph.

Success key #3: Generate insight for improvement

When the content you're sharing is effective, it's much easier to meet your sales goals by working smarter (and not harder). Know which content is working — and which isn't — to save time, save resources, improve the selling process, and make more effective strategy decisions for content going forward.

Flipdeck takes out the guesswork with our analytics dashboard, which puts answers to the following questions at your fingertips:

  • Who's using our playbook?
  • Which users engaged with which content?
  • What content is being used most? What content is being used least?
  • And more!

Flipdeck Full View Analytics makes it easy to see which content has been sent by each user, who's engaging with it, what links are being clicked, and more. With the right knowledge at your fingertips, you're equipped to measure key performance indicators, assess your sales strategy, and see if new salespeople may need some extra help.

How much does creating a digital sales playbook cost?

It depends on 3 main factors –

Question 1: What information needs to be included?

You can opt for a playbook that aims to cover everything in the sales portfolio — or you can choose to focus your playbook to a specific industry, type of customer, product, or problem. A narrower focus can be an especially great place to start if you’re building from scratch. Another thing to consider is whether your playbook will focus internally on training, knowledge transfer, and coaching or focus externally on customer engagement.

Question 2: Who is the playbook for?

Who are the people that will need this playbook? Newer reps? The entire team? Sales leaders and front-line sellers alike? Third-party partners? Just your own people? An elite team that has passed a certain level of certification? When you know how many users will be using your playbook and who they are, it’s easier to determine accurate delivery and support costs.

Question 3: Who’s in charge of creating and maintaining the playbook?

Here are the usual approaches, each with its own advantages:

  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) – Build your playbook yourself from the ground up, including planning, data collection, playbook creation, roll-out, and analysis.
  • Use an Agency – Entrust a marketing agency with the creation of some or all of your playbook, including related services.
  • Leverage Templates – Depending on your answers to questions 1 and 2, playbook organization can fall into familiar patterns. Stage and pre-build your playbook with a template based on a few key inputs to get you started, and then take it from there to meet your specific information and goals.

No matter which approach is right for you, Flipdeck can support you along the journey to your best ever digital playbook — including a turn-key approach where our producers handle everything, from start to finish, and coach you through the process.

Use these digital playbook examples to create your own sales playbook — tailored to the needs of your sales team

Flipdeck is a user-friendly, cost-effective, web-based software tool that makes it easy for sales reps to organize and share existing materials. Flipdeck is great for individuals, teams, departments, or companies. Organizing links to online content on visual Flipdeck cards helps bring the entire team together, so everyone can quickly find, access, and share playbook content with those who need it.

Here are some sales playbook examples to get you started. Then you can build your own playbook using Flipdeck.

Flipdeck interface showing cards and decks with content on company updates and materials.

Organize content in decks focused on...

  • Solutions (what you bring to the party)
  • Marketing Content (marketing campaigns, resources, and talking points that support selling efforts)
  • Ideal Buyer (demonstrating the good fit between customer pain points and how your solutions can help)
  • Prospecting (how sales reps can find or qualify your ideal buyer)
  • Buying Process (how each ideal buyer goes through the purchasing process)
  • Success Stories (real life examples that show you can address pain points and deliver what the buyer is looking for)
  • Personalization (configuring / tweaking your optimum offering and marketing messaging)
  • Demos (providing value to the buyer)
  • Dealing with Common Objections / Alternatives (help with moving deals forward for qualified leads)
  • Closing / On Boarding (closing deals and completing the customer journey)
  • Training Materials (getting new hires up to speed and introducing sales leaders to new offerings)

Once your Flipdeck decks and cards are built, it's easy to keep them up-to-date so everyone stays on the same page. Users get notified about any new/updated content. You can also can easily send cards to customers and prospects via email — or create a Flipdeck Collection of targeted content cards and send a link via LinkedIn messaging, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, text messaging, social media, and more.

Flipdeck interface showing the Decks view Flipdeck cards linking to tips for prospecting and an economic value study

It's time to create a sales playbook that works for you — not against you. With Flipdeck, it's simple, intuitive, and cost effective.