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Create. Flip. Send.

With Flipdeck®, your frequently shared information is at your fingertips — so you don’t have to go searching for the same links, docs, and videos every time you’re asked.

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Create cards

What’s on your “short list” of information you need to share? Is it your business card? A product brochure? Your mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe? Flipdeck lets you conveniently store related pieces of information on a digital card — such as notes, video, links, and images — so it’s there when you need it.

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Flip through your deck

Once you have your cards just they way you like them, put them into decks to keep everything organized. Need to distinguish between cards for promotions and cards for service contracts? That’s easy. Want to keep your recipe cards organized by type of cuisine? No problem. You have the freedom to customize your decks however you wish.

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Send the info

When someone asks you for a piece of information, simply use Flipdeck to send the appropriate card via text or email. Friends, family, and customers get everything they need in one message — right from your phone.

Use Flipdeck for Business

Ideal for sales and service people in the field. Flip on over to that brochure, case study, or price sheet and send to your customer while you’re still with them.


There are lots of ways to use Flipdeck

Any information you like can be put on a card. Create it once, then share it over and over.

Even more ways to use Flipdeck


Give customers instant gratifcation.


Make connections with different sets of contact information.


Help people know who you are and why they should use you.

Get the App

Available for iPhone® on iOS 9+.

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