Flipdeck is purpose-built for sales content

We designed Flipdeck to make it easy to share the right content with buyers — and make your business look good. Our simple cards & decks approach helps ensure that your sales team can quickly find and deliver content that is customized to your buyers, driving higher engagement and accelerating the sales cycle.

Why Flipdeck?

  • Visually consistent structure that’s easy to navigate
  • No need to move content from its existing location or build an underlying repository
  • Gives marketing insights and control to push the right properly branded content
  • Adds value to Direct sales, Channel marketing, and Inside sales
  • Easy to use, fast to start, and low cost
"I like how all the information I want to share is in one place — no hunting and pecking around."
Cyndee Whipple
Ricoh USA
"A clever and innovative tool"
Steven Wright
Vendor Neutral

Locate and share content

With Flipdeck, your frequently shared information is at your fingertips — so you don't have to go searching for the same links, docs, and videos every time you're asked.

See how Flipdeck can help you quickly give customers the answers they want.

Organize content into cards & decks

Flipdeck is designed around the idea of trading card decks — which have a visually consistent structure that makes it easy to quickly find a card at-a-glance.

Use Flipdeck to send just the right link

With a Flipdeck account, you can create cards for any content you want to share in our easy-to-use web application. Here are some ideas of what you can share with your customers using your Flipdeck account.

  • Product Spec Page
  • Video
  • Price Sheet
  • Brochure
  • Testimonials
  • Company Profile
  • Credit Application
  • Promotions

Empower sales conversations

Whether you're an individual sales professional, part of a small sales team, or belong to a corporate salesforce, Flipdeck can help you organize and share information in seconds. No more waiting until you're back in the office to send the info your customer needs.

Keep your message consistent

No matter the size of your team, everyone is on the same page with one central location for content distribution.

Share the right content in seconds

Give your team the most up-to-date content so they can share the right information with prospects at any time.

Keep track of your team activities

Gain insights with analytic tools. See what information your team shared the most, who the top users are, and more.

Feed your team

Manage decks, cards, users, and more from one centralized administration platform.

Content feeds

Save time by delivering information via centrally set content feeds. Team members can be confident that they always have the latest information, because new content cards show up in their feeds automatically.

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More features

Send messages

Send messages — like announcements or promos — to team members in your account.

Manage users

Organize users into teams to help ensure they only get the info that applies to their sales focus.

Get analytics

Gain "at-a-glance" insight into card usage, active and expired feeds, top users, and more.

Connect to the Flipdeck iOS app

Need to access decks and cards from your content feeds while on the go? You can connect the Flipdeck iOS app with any type of Flipdeck account*. Send card contents from your mobile phone by text message or email. Download cards for offline viewing. Enjoy a native iPhone app user experience for fast and fluid functionality. Available for iPhone® on iOS 10+.
*Flipdeck iOS connector available via account add-on

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