Attract New Coaching and Consulting Clients

Flipdeck cards for Business Coaches, Consultants and Implementers

Key Ideas

  • It’s getting more complicated out there
  • Be different and set yourself apart
  • Prepare clients for success
  • Add value to your process
Flipdeck cards for Business Coaches, Consultants and Implementers

Clients are looking for solutions to their problems, but it’s getting more complicated.

  • Markets are more volatile
  • Specialization is increasing
  • How buyers purchase services is changing (i.e. more online search, social media, and other non-traditional ways to find and evaluate coaches/consultants)
  • Competition from new firms and larger competitors is increasing
  • Clients are demanding more value, higher-quality service, and faster delivery of solutions and outcomes
  • Projects are getting more complex
  • Deadlines are getting tighter

Clients want their problems solved. You solve problems, but so do other business coaches and consultants. How you approach prospective new clients and how you engage with them can be a differentiator and the difference maker.

Flipdeck cards for Business Coaches, Consultants and Implementers

Be different and set yourself apart

Will clients choose you or someone else? The coaching/consulting world is crowded and competitive. How will you differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack? Competence? Experience? Track Record? Referrals…..?

How about all of the above plus:

  • Explain your capabilities
  • Showcase your outcomes
  • Preview your process

Prepare Clients for Success

Is your presentation organized so that the client’s attention is focused where you want it? Is the information you deliver professional, visual, and easy for the client to consume and take action? Is your delivery prompt? As clients move through your engagement process, a well-orchestrated flow of information that’s easy for clients to access and refer back to equips them without overwhelming them.

Add value to your process

Not everyone is a master organizer of what is sent to them by email. Instead, consider a single digital page that’s your client’s go to resource place for:

  • Prerequisites you want them to review
  • Checklists and planners
  • Topic-specific research and info
  • Resource links, etc.

Think of your engagement information, professionally presented, as being a valuable consulting deliverable in its own right.

Flipdeck cards for Business Coaches, Consultants and Implementers

Flipdeck can be your differentiator

Organize your prospecting and client-engagement content on visual Flipdeck Cards and present just the right information on a visual landing page that we call a “Card Collection”. Flipdeck allows you to quickly select and deliver professionally presented information and make it available online, and you can personalize it for each client or go generic with standard content you use again and again.


Flipdeck has been embraced by consultants, coaches, and implementers. Here are some of the reasons:

  • The buy in cost is modest and payment mechanism is convenient
  • The learning curve is short, simple to use
  • Your information is organized and professional
  • It’s easy for your clients to consume what you send and take action
  • You’ll have visibility on what is working (Analytics)

Business coaches and consultants love Flipdeck

"I'm able to quickly select the information I want to deliver from the inventory of Flipdeck Cards I created. My busy clients get a tailored collection of links to my content that's professionally presented and visual." — Jonathan B. Smith, EXPERT EOS® IMPLEMENTER

"As a Leader today you need to get your message across. Flipdeck is one of those 'must have' tools to have in your tool bag to execute well in Digital Storytelling today!" — Coach Eric Stavola


Flipdeck cards for Business Coaches, Consultants and Implementers

Here’s what other coaches and consultants using Flipdeck have said:

  • “I can organize my presentation of content to focus my client’s attention to where I want it to be.”
  • “Simple. Up and running the same day.”
  • “Quickly and professionally share information about me, tools and resources.”
  • “Personalize Flipdeck Collections for specific clients or issues.”
  • “Very easy for my clients to consume and take action.”

Try Flipdeck for yourself

The best way to understand how Flipdeck can benefit you is to start using it. Just like our current users, soon you’ll begin thinking of all kinds of ways you can use cards and decks to organize links to your great content and improve the client experience.

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