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Flipdeck cards for Business Coaches, Consultants and Implementers

Key Ideas

  • Clients want individualized (and well-timed) information
  • Flipdeck makes it easy to organize, personalize, and share your expertise
  • Business coaches, consultants, and implementers are using — and loving — Flipdeck

Clients want solutions that are as unique as they are

You've honed your specific business coaching / consulting approach, and your expertise attracts clients to your services. Even with a solid strategy, however, clients can still be easily overwhelmed with mistimed, "one size fits all" messaging.

Because your clients are unique, the information you share with them depends on where they are in the process, as well as the specific challenges they're facing.

For example...

  1. Management acknowledges that there are problems, but they're not sure how to fix them.
  2. The business is running well, but management wants more.
  3. The business is about to undergo significant changes.

You don't want to overwhelm clients with strategies or steps they don't need. It's crucial to keep clients focused on the most important — and timely — actions for them. This is where Flipdeck shines.

Unlock your coaching / consulting content with Flipdeck

You already have great content, full of expert knowledge and wisdom. Now you just need an equally great process to help you share it. Flipdeck's versatile, user-friendly, and highly visual approach to digital content makes it easy to organize and share the right info with your clients — at the right time.

Simply create Flipdeck cards that link to any content you like. No need to move it from where it already lives. Once created, Flipdeck cards are easy to access and share via web browser — so you can answer client questions wherever you are. Reuse cards again and again to deliver the right content quickly and easily.

For even more personalization, pull together appropriate content cards into a Flipdeck Collection for your client's specific needs. Collections are visual, easy for recipients to consume, and flexible to accommodate your approach and style. Create a custom URL that you can send via social media, email, text, and more. If you have a new client with similar needs to another client, copy and tweak an existing Collection to get up and running fast.

View a sample Collection.

Flipdeck Collection of resources a business coach, consultant or implementer might use

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Coaches, consultants, and implementers love Flipdeck

Business coaches, consultants, and implementers alike are loving how Flipdeck helps them level up their content organization and communication with clients.

Jonathan B. Smith, a business strategist and EXPERT EOS® IMPLEMENTER, uses Flipdeck to simplify and improve client communication:

"I work with progressive companies in the scale-up phase and deal with highly capable individuals, and I'm able to quickly select the information I want to deliver from the inventory of Flipdeck Cards I created. My busy clients get a tailored collection of links to my content that's professionally presented and visual. I've been able to use Flipdeck to organize my presentation of content to focus my clients' attention where I need it to be, saving everyone time. Chances are pretty good that I have a Flipdeck card that addresses most topics that come up in client conversation, and I can just Flip them a Link." — Jonathan B. Smith

Excerpt from Flipdeck Press Release July 14, 2022

One of the challenges of coaching is communicating key information in a relatable way. Coach Eric Stavola brings football principles to business, doubles down on the power of storytelling, and uses Flipdeck to help him connect with clients:

"Flipdeck is a must-have digital tool for storytellers. Storytelling is an integral part of the way that humans communicate. Digital storytelling uses digital technology to tell a story. As a Leader today you need to get your message across. Flipdeck is one of those 'must have' tools to have in your tool bag to execute well in Digital Storytelling today!" — Coach Eric Stavola

Checkout Story Power by Eric Stavola

Try Flipdeck for yourself

The best way to understand how Flipdeck can benefit you is to start using it. Just like our featured implementors/coaches, you'll begin thinking of all kinds of ways you can use cards and decks to organize links to your great content and improve the client experience.

Give it a try — we know you'll find that "aha" moment in no time.

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