About Us

Flipdeck® is developed by Presentek, Inc., located in Silicon Valley.

After developing sales and business applications for corporate clients for many years, we came to the realization that people who work directly with customers could do their jobs better if they could get more out of their mobile devices. The trend in existing software was to offer so much capability that it became hard to use. We wanted to go in another, simpler direction — so we started looking for a relatable analogy and a simple visual interface.

Our analogy was trading cards. Whether collectors' items or games, trading cards have a visually consistent structure that makes it easy to quickly find a card at-a-glance. By adding links to the cards, we could create a simple, user-friendly way to direct a recipient to the right content — no matter where it's posted. Since everyone understands that cards can be organized to form decks, we had our relatable analogy — and the inspiration for Flipdeck was born.

When you use Flipdeck, your go-to content becomes instantly available from any device. Whether you're a team of one or part of an enterprise sales force, simply find the right card and send it to your customer for instant gratification.