Flipdeck for Teams Equips Sales Reps to Share Targeted Content with Customers

New cloud service allows mobile sales teams to quickly locate links to documents, web pages, and videos — and easily send to customers and prospects.

Los Gatos, California (PRWEB) May 25, 2017

Silicon Valley-based Flipdeck announced today the launch of its new sales enablement cloud service — Flipdeck for Teams.

A Flipdeck for Teams account puts an organized feed of marketing content and more in the hands of field sales reps, ready to share with customers. An account administrator creates visual Flipdeck cards containing direct links to information. Flipdeck cards — which are organized into themed decks — can contain an image, text, and links to web pages, documents, videos, and more. After setting up a card once, it only takes seconds for sales teams to find and send that information via email.

"We created Flipdeck for Teams to put links to the most important information on the mobile devices of sales people and to make it extremely easy and fast to share that information," said Lee Mayfield, President of Flipdeck. "New products and services are launched and retooled very rapidly, and sales people need a core set of information at their fingertips so they can move sales opportunities forward. Flipdeck for Teams concentrates on giving you quick access to your 'short list' of tried and true information — whether that's pricing info, order forms, case studies, research reports, videos, etc. Just flip to the card that contains the information you want to share with customers and send them the link. It's that simple."

Simple Solution for Mobile Sales People:

The new Flipdeck for Teams cloud service takes a simple approach to sales enablement — focusing on making it easy to locate and share "short list" information and to point prospects to the materials that can help move a discussion into a sale. With the entire team on the same page, everyone can rally around the same go-to-market strategy with quick time-to-market for new initiatives.

Key Features:

  • Visual Flipdeck cards contain sharable links to information — including web pages, documents and videos — and are organized into decks
  • Subscriptions share current cards and decks with sales team members
  • Members can also create their own cards with any additional insights they might have
  • New/updated cards are automatically pushed to each subscriber to support message consistency
  • Organizing subscribers into teams ensures that sales people only get the info that applies to their sales focus
  • Announcements or promos can be sent to team members via message
  • Team analytics provide "at a glance" insight and help sales managers understand usage and trends

Named a Top Marketing Tool:

Flipdeck was recognized for its simple sales enablement capabilities when it was named a Top Marketing Tool by Smart Selling Tools.

"Flipdeck for Teams looks to hold a lot of promise. Today, sales people have two things in common: they're overwhelmed and they're on their phones. That means they need info to be easily understood and digested from their phones. Flipdeck's simple approach focuses in on these two factors, which gives it unique positioning in the sales enablement space."

— Nancy Nardin, President, Smart Selling Tools, Inc.

Complete Turn-key Accounts:

Flipdeck is also announcing the launch of Flipdeck for Teams Managed Accounts. With a Managed Account, companies can empower sales teams without having to worry about taking on the role of administrator or freeing up personnel to maintain cards, decks, and subscriptions.

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Limited Time Pricing:

For a limited time, per-user pricing for a Flipdeck for Teams account starts at just $20/mo. Prospective customers can learn more about the Flipdeck for Teams Free Trial Program, ask a question, or get a quote by visiting http://www.Flipdeck.com.

About Flipdeck:

Flipdeck is dedicated to giving sales people a simple, fast way to send frequently shared information using their mobile devices — so they don't have to go searching for the same links, docs, and videos every time. Using a familiar cards and decks approach to organizing information, the Flipdeck for Teams cloud service and Flipdeck iPhone app can be used by anyone to send links to the information that's important to them.

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