A Product Launch Kit That Stands Out

What’s in a launch kit is important, but more important is that your product or service launch kit stands out, gets attention, and generates action.

Flipdeck is clearly different so your product launch can stand out.

Whether your launch kit is internal to get reps to sell the new product or external for the end customer, you’re competing for your audience’s attention, buy-in, and action. So, why create a boring launch kit that’s just like the competition or the same old way it’s always been done? Choose NEW, choose DIFFERENT, and breathe excitement into your product launch kit!

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A Flipdeck Product Launch Kit is NEW and DIFFERENT, here’s how

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The competition sends out a bunch of emails with attachments that get lost or binders get stuffed with printed information that is almost instantly out of date. Your Flipdeck launch kit is easy to update and can be accessed online with a single link.

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If content is hard to navigate or sort through, it doesn’t get used. Break from the status quo of a tedious slide deck or PDF. Less is more. Differentiate your launch kit with Flipdeck’s simple, visual presentation that’s easy for recipients to use.

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Your competition hopes their launch kit is being used. You don’t need to wonder with a Flipdeck launch kit because you’ll know. With Flipdeck, you’ll have insights into which components of your launch kit are driving views and engagement through analytics.

The Flipdeck platform sets you apart from your competition

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