"Flipdeck is sales enablement for the rest of us."
- Lee Mayfield, Founder

Sample flipdeck cards

Looking for cost effective sales enablement, sales tools, or marketing content management?

The high-cost road:

If you are a large company or have a large budget, you can spend a lot of money on sales enablement and content management. The reports you get are impressive — but they come with a hidden cost. Someone must feed the system with data in order to get the impressive reports, and that someone is your salesperson. Published estimates (Forbes 2018) show sales teams spend an average of 9 hours per week feeding data into these high-cost systems to generate impressive reports — which hopefully mean something to management. Wouldn’t you rather have your sales teams spending that time with customers and mastering virtual selling?

The low-cost, low-risk road:

If you don’t have the budget for the high-cost road, take the more cost-effective road. Flipdeck saves in a number of ways to help you improve your ROI.

  • Sales doesn’t need to feed the system.
  • Marketing doesn’t need to move the content.
  • Sales reps don’t spend time learning a complex system that MANY will reject using.
  • You don’t pay for more than you need. There are plans for:
    • Individual Sales professionals
    • Small teams that use the same content
    • Corporate teams with team appropriate content
  • The learning curve is short, because Flipdeck is based on a “decks and cards” concept that is already familiar to most people.
  • When reps need to move a sale forward or close an order, the right content is always at their fingertips.
  • We’ve eliminated the risk. Try Flipdeck before you buy, or ask about our pilot program.