Simple, Low-Cost Sales Enablement

Are you a small business? Has your budget been slashed, but you’re still expected to move the needle in customer engagement, equipping reps, and selling?


Flipdeck is the perfect solution for sales and marketing professionals looking for a low-cost, yet effective, sales enablement software. Don't let a limited budget hold you back from improving your sales and marketing efforts – Flipdeck is the affordable alternative you've been looking for.

What sets us apart?


Present your information to clients in a simple, yet effective way.

While there are robust platforms out there focused on sales enablement, partner relationships, customer engagement, content management, marketing automation, etc. — Flipdeck is extraordinarily simple. Inspired by the familiar concept of cards and decks, and paired with automated processes for card creation, our tool provides quick start-up and ease of use.

two example flipdeck cards

two example flipdeck cards


The perfect productivity software for businesses of all sizes

  • Self-employed professional looking to streamline your workflow
  • Small business owner trying to improve your team's productivity
  • Member of a larger organization in need of a reliable sales tool

Our user-friendly interface and advanced features can help you organize your content, share your files, and enhance your overall work efficiency.


Flipdeck is an "AND" not an "OR" and can be beneficial even if you already have other tools in place.

If you already have sales, marketing, or other tools — like CRM, video platforms, and intranets — you can still improve the way your content is presented and delivered by using Flipdeck in conjunction with other solutions in your tech stack.

two example flipdeck cards

two example flipdeck cards


Save money in a number of ways to help you improve your ROI.

Having a large stack of sales tools can get expensive, and we understand not everyone can afford to spend the money on larger platforms. We offer a variety of plan options, ranging in cost, so you can have a sales tool at a price that works for you.


Not sure how Flipdeck could work for you?

Here are some examples of gaps that Flipdeck is great at filling:

  • Playbooks
  • Product Launches
  • Training
  • Getting a Prospect's Attention
  • Onboarding Partners/Reps
  • Innovative Proposals
  • Shorter, better Presentations
  • Curating the exact right information for any audience

Still have questions?

Watch the "Intro to Flipdeck" video to learn more

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