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Flipdeck is built for content used by teams in the field. Our simple cards and decks approach helps ensure that your indirect sales partners have current content which is easy to find and which can be delivered to a potential customer "on the spot" to keep the selling process moving forward. How is that different from what you are doing already?

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How is Flipdeck different than what you are doing already?

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Need to match content to vertical markets, new customers, renewals, or field sales channels so that all parties are working with the latest current information?

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Need a way to ensure that quotes, terms & conditions, and how-to information is current and easily accessible?

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Need to oversee special programs? Maybe lots of them? Want to keep them straight?

Why Flipdeck?

  • If you sell direct or through independent partners, you need an easy-to-use sales enablement process to push the latest and greatest content to your sales channels. Flipdeck provides this with a near zero learning curve and high user acceptance.
  • Easy Onboarding. Cards and decks are a familiar concept that is easy to understand and navigate (think trading cards).
  • Flipdeck's content management makes your salesperson's job easier, and they will look more professional in the eyes of the customer.
  • Flipdeck is easy to use, start up is fast, and the cost is low.
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Here's what others have said about Flipdeck

"I am excited to be using Flipdeck since I send so much of the same information out and I'm always hunting it down and attaching to e-mail!!!"

"I like how all the information I want to share is in one place — no hunting and pecking around."

"With Flipdeck, just get their email address and, on the spot, send a datasheet, demo video, business card. I can connect in real-time; no backlog of requests to send information after the conference."

"A clever and innovative tool"

"The (iOS) app is awesome! I really like the interface, it's easy to use and the ability to text cards is great."

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Flipdeck Analytics for Channel Sales Teams

Flipdeck Analytics will show you what content is being used by Channel Salespersons, so you'll know how each Channel Sales Team is performing. You'll have metrics on what customers clicked on, when they clicked, and how many times they accessed your content.

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Wasting money on sales content?

According to Forrester Research1, 62% of business buyers report that vendors give them too much content, and most say what they get is useless. Creating content that never gets used or is ineffective is a waste of money. Download the Free Guide for 10 principles you can use to enable your sales team with good content to close more business. You can preview the guide to read a little more.

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1 The Forrester Wave™: Sales Enablement Automation Platforms (Sept. 2018)