New Feature: Notify Your Team with the Latest Content Updates

Flipdeck notifications

Our newest functionality is live! Now you can easily notify team members of updates or additions to your feeds — so everyone can stay on top of the latest and greatest information.

zoomed in view of notification toggle switch

Alert everyone when content is added or updated

When creating or updating a card, you will now see an option to "Notify Feed Subscribers" if the current deck is included in any feeds. Simply toggle this setting On and Save your card to add this notification to the queue.

sample notification email

All your users get an email of the changes

All queued notifications are combined into a single, easy-to-navigate digest email and delivered to each recipient's inbox first thing in the morning. Each card is flagged as either New or Updated and includes a link to easily view within Flipdeck.

zoomed in view of 'notify immediately' toggle switch

Send a "hot fix" notification immediately

Need feed subscribers to know about the latest update right now? Once you've toggled the notify setting On, you will see an additional option to "Notify Immediately. Simply toggle this setting On and Save your card for instant notification delivery via email.

We hope this new feature makes it even easier to bring your teams together with access to up-to-date information.

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