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Flipdeck cards for Business Coaches, Consultants and Implementers

Attract New Coaching and Consulting Clients

Clients want their problems solved. How you approach prospective new clients and how you engage with them can be a differentiator and the difference maker.

Introducing Flipdeck Production Services

If you need a visually appealing way to share your content — and need to move quickly — we have a variety of services to help you get started.

What Does a Closet Organizer Have in Common with Flipdeck?

Whether you’re dealing with clothes or content, having organizational systems that work for you — and not against you — is key.

5 Reasons to Introduce a NEW Digital Playbook for Sales Kickoff 2024!

2024 represents a pivotal new year. It’s time to ditch the thick pdf playbook with the multi-page index and empower sales leaders, new reps, and your entire organization with a digital sales playbook.

Flipdeck Edit Story webpage

Stop Wasting Money on Sales Content

Creating content that never gets used or is ineffective is a waste of money. It’s time to stop wasting money on sales content. Check out these 9 guiding principles to ensure you’re providing your sales team with effective, usable content that can help them close more business.

Flipdeck stories webpages in stack with 'New Flipdeck Stories' text

Looking For an Alternative to PowerPoint?

Slide decks are a common way to capture and deliver information, but most people don’t want to read through a lengthy PPT file. With Flipdeck Stories, “less is more” and your big ideas can be presented simply and visually from a url.

Flipdeck stories webpages in stack with 'New Flipdeck Stories' text

NEW: Introducing Flipdeck Stories™

We're so excited to share Flipdeck's new storytelling feature. This functionality makes it easier than ever to engage your audience by communicating your message in narrative form.

Flipdeck stories webpage

How to Add Flipdeck Stories™ to Your Flipdeck® Account

Take digital storytelling to the next level with Flipdeck Stories. Whether you're trying out Flipdeck for the very first time or you want to add Stories to your existing account, it's easy to get started.

Flipdeck registration webpage

How to Sign Up for Flipdeck

Welcome! We're glad you're here. Whether you're setting up a new Flipdeck account or you're ready to convert your Free Trial, it's easy to sign up. Here's how to do it.

sales kickoff concept

Ace Your Next Sales Kickoff with Digital Tools

Trade heavy binders and text-heavy presentations for a digital, visual platform that keeps high-value content organized and easily accessible.

tradeshow booth with interactive whiteboard

How to Organize and Deliver Your Digital Content for Trade Shows

Live events, trade shows and showroom visits are coming back. Are you ready to do things a little more digitally?

concept graphic of Flipdeck and Postwire

"Help! I Need an Effective Way to Curate and Share Content!"

Flipdeck's Collections feature makes it easy to curate and share personalized content with a customized, publicly available URL.

laptop showing the new Flipdeck interface

Announcing the Next Generation Flipdeck® Platform!

Check out our NEW features! This major next gen release deepens analytics insights, enhances visual impact, and much more.

concept of a digital playbook on a tablet

How to Build a Playbook in Flipdeck

Wondering how to create a playbook that your sales teams and dealer channels will actually use? We have you covered.

Eric Stavola, a Flipdeck innovator

Meet Flipdeck Innovator — Eric Stavola

Eric Stavola is an IT executive and thought leader, a prolific content publisher, and a Partner Executive with Ricoh USA for Cloud and IT Services.

a digital business card created in Flipdeck

How to Create a "Digital Business Card" in Flipdeck

Going modern with a digital business card can be a great way to introduce yourself and share contact information with new connections — and Flipdeck makes it easy to stand out. Here's how to do it!

concept illustration of Flipdeck connecting to SharePoint in the cloud

"Help! My Content in SharePoint is Hard to Find!"

Flipdeck provides a visual front-end for your existing Microsoft SharePoint account, so you can organize and prepackage your content, see analytics, and more.

Flipdeck video overview

Watch the NEW Flipdeck Overview Video

In this video, we take a quick look at Flipdeck. You'll learn about cards and decks, ways to share content, Flipdeck Analytics, and more.

virtual selling with Flipdeck

Virtual Selling Best Practices Using Flipdeck

Virtual sales calls have replaced "in person" selling for many businesses — for many reasons. Are you keeping up with competitors as they move toward a hybrid working environment?

playbook template shown on a laptop

Download Our FREE Digital Sales Playbook Template

Do you need to bring your sales and marketing playbook into the digital age... but don't know where to start? We've got you covered. Our FREE collection of digital playbook planning resources can help you hit the ground running.

diagram: how to engage your customers

"We're Not Engaging Our Ideal Customers!"

By following a simple content framework, you can better enable your customers to discover your products & services and equip reps to keep the momentum going with content that deepens engagement.

people from sales and marketing teams meet in a conference room

Your Sales and Marketing Teams CAN Align on Content

Your company has invested a lot of time and money creating content for sales reps, so why isn't Sales using the content from Marketing? Either Sales can't find the content, or they know from experience that it's not the kind of content the customer needs.

a woman attends a virtual sales meeting on her laptop

How to Launch a Successful Virtual Sales Kickoff

Give your teams (Sales Channels, Inside Sales, Service, and Customer Support) what they have been begging for — simple sales enablement and content management with no data reporting requirements. Save them time and make them more effective.

diagram: how to enable your sales reps

"Our Reps Are Unprepared for Today's Selling!"

Does this sound like your situation? If your reps can't find your sales content, they're not going to be effective. Even if they can find it... if they don't know how and when to use it, they're still not going to be effective.

a person working on a computer

Add Value with Content That's Personal to Your Buyer

Falling back on "one size fits all" messaging at the finish line can undo the positive, personalized groundwork that got you there in the first place. Instead, add value with content that is specifically curated for your prospect's interests, pain points, and goals.

a laptop showing Flipdeck open in a browser

Get a Turn-Key Solution with Flipdeck Managed Services

Want to make the most of Flipdeck, but don't have the in-house resources to manage your account on your own? No problem. We can take care of ongoing management and maintenance so you can harness all of Flipdeck's benefits. Set your team up for success with Flipdeck Managed Services — available for TEAM Plus accounts.

a potential buyer views personalized product content on their laptop

New Feature: Introducing Card Collections

We're excited to share our new functionality: card collections. This feature allows you to gather cards into a publicly available URL that can be shared with coworkers, prospects, conference attendees, and more!

diagram of the classic sales process

"Plus Up" Your Classic Sales Process

Some leads are better than others. Pay attention to the source of the lead in prioritizing your follow up, and keep things moving forward. Make sure the customer has everything they need on the spot.

hand extended and open displaying a virtual network of sales people

Getting the Most from Your Sales Channel or Dealer Network?

You've probably invested a lot of time and money in training your sales channels or dealer networks on your products or services — but have you given the same attention to helping them progress deals? The right tools can help keep sales moving toward the close.

a happy sales team meets in an office

Want to Make Your Company a Great Place to Work?

It starts with embracing teamwork. Unless you are a one person band, you will be one of a number of people who are supposed to all pull in the same direction to reach the goal. This is the hard part.

female traveling employee sitting at a table flipping through paper work

It's Time to "Travel Light" with Your Sales Content

Whether you're asking others or your coworkers are asking you, time spent locating content can easily keep you from other priorities.

montage of male and female smiling business people

Give Sales the Tools to Effectively Align Marketing Content with Customer Needs

The days of "one size fits all" marketing messaging are long gone. Today, there is a clear uptick in marketer focus on understanding their buyers — both what they are listening for and the journey they go through to make purchasing decisions.

a person using Flipdeck on their phone and computer

Using Cloud Storage with Flipdeck

Are you disenchanted with using the corporate site as a place to send customers? What about sharing information about new business areas that don't have all the marketing bells & whistles in place? Using a Cloud storage account as a download location for documents and videos you need to share is an effective solution. Flipdeck's digital cards make these Cloud storage links easy to locate, share, and professionally present to customers.

man shares information with a client on his phone

Use Flipdeck to Promote Your Business

If you're self-employed, a small business owner, or an independent contractor, you're well acquainted with the need to be your own sales team. Flipdeck can help streamline self-promotion for your business with easy access to shareable information.

a man on a plane using Flipdeck on his phone and laptop looking at account analytics

Get Up and Running Fast with Card Setup & User Training Packages

Don't have the in-house resources to create your Flipdeck decks, cards, and feeds? We can take care of that. Want to maximum user adoption with customized training? No problem. Set your team up for success with the Setup Package and Training Package — both available to add to TEAM Plus accounts.

a sales/marketing team standing in a circle meeting and discussing Flipdeck

Mid-Funnel Sales Tip — Share Content While Mobile

Flipdeck is designed to support the human-to-human part of selling — especially the interactions that occur in the mid-funnel like moving from conversations toward the close.

a sales/marketing team works together

Save Time with a Fully Managed Flipdeck Account

Flipdeck lets you present links to your latest and best content in visually consistent, easy-to-locate cards — which you can make available to your entire team. But did you know that we can take care of card design, updating, and distribution for you?

customized email design

Get a Custom Email Template with the Branding Option

When a Flipdeck card arrives in your customer's inbox, your customer sees your message, card image and text, links to your content, and your signature — all in a single email. Want to customize your email communications even further? Consider the Branding Option: available to add to TEAM Plus accounts.

Sales team talking

Increase Sales by Reducing Your Reaction Time

Generating more sales is one of the most common concerns of today's business teams — but increased spending on lead generation may not be the most effective use of your resources. Nurturing the opportunities you already have through meaningful conversations and targeted messaging can advance your sales — guiding them through the mid-funnel and toward the close.

Flipdeck screens

What Do Trading Cards Have to Do with Sales Teams?

When designing Flipdeck, we realized that having a relatable analogy and a simple visual interface would be essential — and the search began.

Mobile Phone with Flipdeck on Screen

No Website? No Problem!

If you're an independent contractor, a small business owner or self-employed, you can use Flipdeck to easily share your business information with potential customers.

Flipdeck cloud integrations - Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive

Integrate Flipdeck with Popular Cloud Services

We're excited to share our newest feature with you! Flipdeck provides simple, user-friendly integration with Dropbox, Microsoft® OneDrive®, and Google Drive accounts.

Flipdeck on mobile

Flipdeck is a Member of the Vendor Neutral Certified 100

We're excited to share that we've been recognized by Vendor Neutral as a Certified 100 program vendor. Vendor Neutral offers innovative programs and concierge service to help clients find the right combination of SalesTech for their needs.

Selling Power 2018 - Flip. Send. Close.

Flipdeck Has Been Recognized as a Top Sales Enablement Tool

Sales teams know that the right content — at the right moment — can be vital in moving customer conversations toward the close. That's why Flipdeck was included in the December edition of Selling Power magazine — as one of their Top 15 Sales Enablement Partners of 2018!