It's Time to "Travel Light" with Your Sales Content

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Lee Mayfield

Key Ideas

  • Tackle content availability challenges with a short list your team can access anywhere
  • CRO/CMO pain points are easily magnified when access or communication is diminished
  • Curate a short list of go-to content to reduce time searching for / passing on business-critical documents and resources
  • Keep your team on the same page with a visually consistent, easy-to-navigate repository of links to documents, videos, etc. — no need to move content from where it currently lives

Does this sound familiar?

"Hey, can you send me that presentation / launch letter / file / video? I can't find it on the server."

Whether you're asking others or your coworkers are asking you, time spent locating content can easily keep you from other priorities.

Are 'work from home' requirements increasing content availability pain points?

Traditional CRO/CMO challenges are easily magnified when access or communication is diminished. These pain points include:

  • Sales teams spending too much time searching for content
  • Product marketing spending more time responding to content questions than producing quality content

These are perpetual challenges under normal operating circumstances. When team members operate at a distance and don't have familiar access to people and systems, these challenges can magnify — taking even more time away from what matters.

“Travel light” with a short list of go-to content

Giving buyers the content they need makes it easier for them to do business with you.

When it comes to having the right content in the right moment, sometimes less is more. Help your people “travel light” — whether they're out of town or working from home — by creating a concise collection of your most useful content.

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Curating your short list can help reduce time spent searching through complex folder structures or interrupting productivity to ask coworkers where something lives. No need to move your go-to content from its existing location. Just collect the links to where it lives — so it can be accessed anywhere.

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Keep your team on the same page

When your coworkers are spread out, it can be difficult to make sure that everyone is using the latest resources. When links to your best, most up-to-date content are centrally located, there's no need to send files back and forth individually.

Share content links with your team (whatever that team looks like for you), so they don't have to slog through the corporate intranet — or even connect to it. This centralization empowers a number of benefits:

  • One person can push out clean, organized, buyer-focused content for everyone on the team
  • Sales personnel can easily share links to high-performing content with one another to share success
  • 'Work from home' and mobile employees can keep productivity up with simple access to the documents they need

Flipdeck is purpose-built for sales content

We designed Flipdeck to make it easy to find and share the right content — wherever you're located. With a visually consistent way of organizing your go-to content links, our simple cards & decks approach can help you ensure that your team can quickly find and deliver what they need, when they need it.

Why Flipdeck?

  • Visually consistent structure that's easy to navigate
  • No need to move content from its existing location or build an underlying repository
  • Gives marketing insights and control to push the right properly branded content
  • Adds value to Direct sales, Channel marketing, and Inside sales
  • Easy to use, fast to start, and low cost

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