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Helpful tips to get the most out of Flipdeck

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Add value with content that's personal to your buyer

Falling back on "one size fits all" messaging at the finish line can undo the positive, personalized groundwork that got you there in the first place. Instead, add value with content that is specifically curated for your prospect's interests, pain points, and goals.

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"Plus up" your classic sales process

Some leads are better than others. Pay attention to the source of the lead in prioritizing your follow up, and keep things moving forward. Make sure the customer has everything they need on the spot.

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Getting the most from your sales channel or dealer network?

You've probably invested a lot of time and money in training your sales channels or dealer networks on your products or services — but have you given the same attention to helping them progress deals? The right tools can help keep sales moving toward the close.

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Want to make your company a great place to work?

It starts with embracing teamwork. Unless you are a one person band, you will be one of a number of people who are supposed to all pull in the same direction to reach the goal. This is the hard part.

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It's Time To "Travel Light" With Your Sales Content

Whether you're asking others or your coworkers are asking you, time spent locating content can easily keep you from other priorities.

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Help Sales by Organizing Content to Your Buyer Personas

The days of "one size fits all" marketing messaging are long gone. Today, there is a clear uptick in marketer focus on understanding their buyers — both what they are listening for and the journey they go through to make purchasing decisions.

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Use Flipdeck During Your Job Search — FREE

You've probably heard the phrase, "It's not what you know, it's who know." What this phrase doesn't quite cover is that networking frequently happens when you least expect it. Connections can spring from unexpected conversations with friends of friends, acquaintances, and even strangers. Are you ready when this happens?

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Using Cloud Storage with Flipdeck

Are you disenchanted with using the corporate site as a place to send customers? What about sharing information about new business areas that don't have all the marketing bells & whistles in place? Using a Cloud storage account as a download location for documents and videos you need to share is an effective solution. Flipdeck's digital cards make these Cloud storage links easy to locate, share, and professionally present to customers.

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Use Flipdeck iOS to Promote Your Business

If you're self-employed, a small business owner or an independent contractor, you're well acquainted with the need to be your own sales team. The Flipdeck iOS® app can help streamline self-promotion for your business with easy access to shareable information.

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Get Up and Running Fast with Card Setup & User Training Packages

Don't have the in-house resources to create your Flipdeck decks, cards, and feeds? We can take care of that. Want to maximum user adoption with customized training? No problem. Set your team up for success with the Setup Package and Training Package — both available to add to TEAM Plus accounts.

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Mid-Funnel Sales Tip — Share Content While Mobile

Flipdeck is designed to support the human-to-human part of selling — especially the interactions that occur in the mid-funnel like moving from conversations toward the close.

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Save Time with a Fully Managed Flipdeck Account

Flipdeck lets you present links to your latest and best content in visually consistent, easy-to-locate cards — which you can make available to your entire team. But did you know that we can take care of card design, updating, and distribution for you?

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Get a Custom Email Template with the Branding Option

When a Flipdeck card arrives in your customer's inbox, your customer sees your message, card image and text, links to your content, and your signature — all in a single email. Want to customize your email communications even further? Consider the Branding Option: available to add to TEAM Plus accounts.

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Flipdeck iOS Puts Key Information at Your Fingertips

Do you ever get repeatedly asked for the same information — over and over again? The Flipdeck for iOS app can put the answers to your own personal FAQs right at your fingertips.

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Increase Sales by Reducing Your Reaction Time

Generating more sales is one of the most common concerns of today's business teams — but increased spending on lead generation may not be the most effective use of your resources. Nurturing the opportunities you already have through meaningful conversations and targeted messaging can advance your sales — guiding them through the mid-funnel and toward the close.

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What Do Trading Cards Have to Do with Sales Teams?

When designing Flipdeck, we realized that having a relatable analogy and a simple visual interface would be essential — and the search began.

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No Website? No Problem!

If you're an independent contractor, a small business owner or self-employed, you can use Flipdeck to easily share your business information with potential customers.