What Does a Closet Organizer Have in Common with Flipdeck?

closet shelves and clothes on hangers

Whether you’re dealing with clothes or content, having organizational systems that work for you — and not against you — is key.

Why should you organize your content like your closet?

pile of white hangers

Clutter gets in the way

When your closet is stuffed to the brim with items that are worn out, uncomfortable to wear, or no longer fit, it’s harder to quickly find the right piece for the occasion. If you’re in a hurry to run out the door, you may find yourself reaching for whatever is closest — not what fits the best.

Content is the same way. If the latest and greatest information is buried beneath outdated resources, it’s easy to grab and share unhelpful — or worse, incorrect — content.

stack of sweaters

Organization saves time

Whatever the contents of your closet, it’s easier to deal with when you know exactly where everything is. When the items you use most are within easy reach, and specialty items are easy to find when they’re needed, getting dressed takes no time at all.

Like a well-loved T-shirt or that pair of jeans that fit just right, you’ve probably noticed yourself reaching for the same content over and over again. Put these resources within easy reach for less stress and faster response times — and know where the specific use-case items are for when those particular needs arise.

various bins

Customized systems serve you better

Closet organizers are often a modular collection of shelves, bars, frames, and containers — but the way you apply these conventions is your choice. A good system takes into account your items, layout, and habits to maximize the potential of your closet space.

Instead of hunting for information and resources that are spread out across various cloud storage platforms or trapped in old email attachments, set yourself up for success with a modular content solution that can be customized to meet your needs.

Flipdeck is a “digital closet organizer” for content

Flipdeck® provides the modular system for clutter-free organizing of links to any content, anywhere.

person with phone in hande and visuals for checklists above phone

Create a content system that works for you

Instead of shelf boxes and custom-built drawers, Flipdeck organizes content using Flipdeck Cards. These cards provide a visual front-end for your existing content, no matter where it lives, and can link to one or multiple resources. Once created, Flipdeck Cards can be organized in themed Decks, combined with other cards to form Collections, added to digital playbooks and product launch kits, tracked with Analytics tools, and much more. The choice is yours.

phone and laptop with flipdeck on screens

The secret is simplicity

With Flipdeck, it’s easy to organize and deliver your content in a simple, easy-to-consume digital format. Recipients love the clean, visual presentation, and you’ll love being able to tell a compelling story with content that’s relevant to your audience.

With Flipdeck as your “digital closet organizer,” you can...

  • Take a “less is more” approach by giving recipients a short list of content that’s relevant to them
  • Use highly visual organization and presentation methods to better engage people who prefer to receive information visually
  • Enjoy a flexible platform that easily adapts to you and your company’s needs

Easily organize and share:

  • Welcome kits
  • FAQs
  • Playbooks
  • Launch kits
  • Customer info
  • Marketing content
  • Training materials
  • Or absolutely anything!

Just like organizing items in your closet makes it easy to assemble the perfect clothing ensemble... organizing links to your content in Flipdeck puts versatile information building blocks at your fingertips that you can use to create the perfect content ensemble.

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