Flipdeck Helps Sales Individuals Organize and Share Content Efficiently

Want to be more effective in your personal sales conversations? Are the tools you're getting from the company you represent not all that helpful? Is there too much content to quickly find what you need? Don't wait for Marketing and Sales Management to change. Whether you're part of a large sales force or represent a small business, Flipdeck can help you get organized on your own and set yourself up for sales success.

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How is Flipdeck different?

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Take charge of your personal sales process with confidence.


Get organized and easily manage content sent over by Marketing.

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Quickly find and share products & services, price sheets, order forms, and more.


Match the right content for each customer and send in seconds.

Save time and frustration by sharing your sales content with Flipdeck

Flipdeck on a laptop and mobile phone

High performing salespeople get ahead of the game by being...


With Flipdeck, everything you need is in one place — arranged visually so you can easily find it. No more fumbling around shuffling paper or searching for files in front of the customer. Flipdeck's easily understood cards & decks approach will help you get organized and stay organized.


If you're part of a sales team but feeling on your own when it comes to the selling process, build your own digital sales playbook with Flipdeck. Capture the company-supplied sales information you use most and find most helpful in Flipdeck decks and cards. Then, add your own content to round out your playbook — closing content that works with customers in your territory, a digital business card, whatever you need to facilitate the sales process.


Flipdeck allows you to find what you want quickly and send it to your prospect/customer in just a few clicks. Say goodbye to lugging a heavy "sales book" around, sifting through previously sent emails, or running back to the office to get what you need for an effective sales pitch. Once your Flipdeck cards are created, they can be sent again and again.


Keep the selling process moving forward and sell with confidence — because what you need to close the sale is always available at your fingertips with Flipdeck.

Take charge of your sales process with highly visual Flipdeck cards

Create cards that link to any content you like — complete with an image, text, and links to web pages, documents, or videos. Best of all, you don't have to move the content! Simply link to where the content already lives. Once created, you can use your Flipdeck cards over and over to save time, impress potential customers, and make yourself look good within your sales team.

Flipdeck cards linking to tips for prospecting and an economic value study

With Flipdeck, you're not constrained to a particular set of topics. Create cards & decks out of the content that it is most useful to you.

Start by rounding up your sales content (documents, pdfs, videos, web pages, etc.) to create your personal arsenal of Flipdeck cards. Here are some ideas:

  • Product/service descriptions
  • Pricing information
  • "How to order"
  • Terms & conditions
  • Competitive comparisons
  • "How to" application information
  • Special requirements (installation, operation, etc.)
  • Referrals
  • Service contracts, warranty extensions, protection plans

When you're ready to share your content, simply select the applicable Flipdeck cards. Send via email to your recipient's email address in just a few clicks. You can also curate cards into Flipdeck Collections and share via a custom link that can be sent via text, social media message, and more. With multiple ways to share Flipdeck content, it's easy to meet customers where they are and honor their communication preferences.

Flipdeck dashboard

Flipdeck Analytics for the individual salesperson

Flipdeck also makes it easy to see which content is performing for you... and which is not. With Flipdeck Full View Analytics, you have access to your overall performance and other helpful content metrics — including content engagement, email open and link click data, how many times your Collections are viewed, and more. You'll also see what your top cards are to help give you ideas for your selling strategy.

Personalize your selling process with Flipdeck by building your own digital sales playbook

Flipdeck interface with card and deck examples specifically for direct sales.

Have you been struggling with a "landlocked" reference guide? Think of a heavy briefcase full of folders containing brochures, pricing information, terms and conditions, competitive information, referrals, applications, and sales aids you have developed over time.

Got the picture? Flipdeck can help you ditch the briefcase and replace it with a digital sales playbook that's simpler, more visual, more modern, and available anywhere with an internet connection.

Instead of falling back on "one size fits all" messaging, Flipdeck empowers you to add value with bite-sized digital content that matches your prospect's interests, pain points, and goals.

Our Collections feature makes it easy to curate personalized content for individual needs. Gather cards from any deck into a customized Collection — complete with a direct URL that can be shared via email, text, LinkedIn message, social media, and more.


Flipdeck's interface displays on laptop and mobile devices.

With Flipdeck:

  • Cards & decks are a familiar concept that is easy to understand and navigate (think trading cards).
  • The right content is always at your fingertips, so you can feel prepared and look more professional in the eyes of customers and clients.
  • Package content from Marketing so that it works for you.
  • Meet customer needs and impress during sales calls with personal content Collections.
  • Bring organization into unorganized processes.
  • Easy-to-use, fast start up, and low cost.