Your Sales and Marketing Teams CAN Align on Content

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Key Ideas

  • Nurture lines of communication
  • Keep your content organized
  • Ensure success with Flipdeck

Your company has invested a lot of time and money creating content for sales reps, so why isn't Sales using the content from Marketing? Either Sales can't find the content, or they know from experience that it's not the kind of content the customer needs.

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Nurture lines of communication

Historically, Sales and Marketing tasks have been segmented — resulting in clunky content handoffs and lots of missed communication. Misalignment between Sales and Marketing can result in wasted time and money for the company as a whole.

Having shared strategies, goals, and a proper system of communication is important. By working in sync with each other, aligned teams can deliver a seamless customer experience.

Bridge the gaps between customer reactions, Sales, and Marketing by creating lines of communication and cadences for dialogue about which content is effective. This information will empower Marketing to create more of what works and avoid wasting time on what doesn't.

Keep your content organized

If your front-line sales team can't easily find content that's been created to help the customer buy, then that content might as well not exist at all. They either have too many places to look, spend too much time sifting through old information to find what's current, or they have to perpetually check in with Marketing for updated info.

Reps need a simple organization system for content — wherever it lives — and need to be notified/reminded when something is new. Purge the old stuff. Don't make Sales paw through all the tools in your "content garage". Instead, give them a nice tidy set that's relevant to them.

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Ensure success with Flipdeck

With Flipdeck, you'll have visibility on what content Sales is using to close orders — and you'll stop wasting money on content they're not using. Flipdeck's simple cards & decks approach makes it easy to organize and share existing materials that engage your audience and help close deals. Best of all, you don't have to move the content… just link to it.

When new or updated information is available in Flipdeck, your sales team gets notified. This way, your reps have everything they need to close a sale — eliminating unnecessary content requests and saving time that would usually be spent searching through files.

Use Flipdeck Analytics to view important information right from the dashboard. You'll have metrics on what content users and recipients clicked on, which recipients are responding to emails, how many times your Card Collections are viewed, and more.


  • Brings marketing and sales efforts together in a simple, easy-to-understand, easy-to-use platform
  • Gives you the tools to replace outdated "one size fits all" marketing methods with personalized curated content
  • Enables personal relationship building with customizable content landing pages
  • Keeps opportunities moving forward by putting appropriate content front and center, with just a few clicks

You've invested a lot of time and money creating all kinds of content, but the people who need it can't find it — and if they can't find it, they can't use it. Sharing your best content should be simple. The answer is Flipdeck, which uses visual cards that link to content anywhere.

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