NEW: Introducing Flipdeck Stories™

We're so excited to share our new storytelling feature: Flipdeck Stories. This functionality makes it easier than ever to capture customer interest by communicating your message in a simple, visual, and digital format.

Engage your audience

Even when you have great content, you still have choices on how you want to deliver it. You can drag people kicking and screaming through slide after slide after slide (and we've all been there), or you can opt for something better.

With storytelling, there's a reason for the data. There's a big idea, an arc, and a solution to a problem — and that's what's going to draw people into your content.

Instead of overloading your audience with too much information, present your content as a compelling, less-is-more narrative — and have your audience right there with you. We created Flipdeck Stories to make it easy to do just that.

See an example story.

Flipdeck Stories homepage

Create your Flipdeck Story

It's easy to build your first Story with our user-friendly template. Create simple, visual panels that can contain text, images, links, videos (from YouTube and other services), infographics, and more. Easily direct viewers to more info by adding Flipdeck Cards and Collections with direct links to key information.

Flipdeck Stories personalization

Personalize in seconds

Need to personalize your Story for different audiences? No problem. Duplicate a Story in just a few clicks and make any changes you need.

Flipdeck Stories url screen

Share a link to your Story

When your Story is complete, Flipdeck gives you a URL that can be sent directly to a client, published on social media, or linked from your email or website. You can choose to make your Story accessible to anyone with the link or enable password protection.

Flipdeck Stories example

Draw your audience in

When the Story begins, viewers are presented with a full-screen view. Subtle, visually interesting movements are baked in for increased engagement. You can also use the automatically generated Story Summary index to easily jump around to different panels and topics.

Try Flipdeck Stories for FREE

Great news! Anyone can try Stories for FREE.

Don't have a Flipdeck account? Create an account to get started creating Stories. Try Flipdeck free for 15 days — no credit card required.

If you already have a Flipdeck account, simply login, navigate to the Stories tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard, and from there you will be prompted to create your first Story.

Add Flipdeck Stories to your account by upgrading to a PROFESSIONAL plan within the account Billing Portal. Both ENTERPRISE AND PROFESSIONAL plans have full access to the Flipdeck Stories feature.

We hope you love Flipdeck Stories, and we can't wait to see what you create. And stay tuned... because we have more exciting developments coming soon!

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