Getting the Most from Your Sales Channel or Dealer Network?

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Key Ideas

  • Help your sales channel or dealer network progress deals through the funnel without your help
  • Eliminate unnecessary content requests by keeping information flowing
  • Listen to your sales channel or dealer network
  • Enable your sales channel with the right tool (no more, no less)
  • Travel light and uncover what content is working

Help your channel or dealer network progress deals

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Do your sales channels or dealer networks close deals, or do they tee up a prospect for you to close?

In a perfect selling world, a sales call would result in an order, every time. There is no such world, but the idea of doing things one time is a good one. What is preventing your sales channel or dealer network from closing more orders? If they rely on you for closing, that means you know or have something they don't have... otherwise they could close. You've probably invested a lot of time and money in training your sales channel or dealer network on your products or services. Have you given them tools to progress deals to the close?

Eliminate unnecessary content requests

Don't you have better things to do than to send out current content to your sales channel or dealer network because they have misplaced what you sent out earlier, or because they keep asking for the same thing over and over? Wouldn't it be great if you could send out the latest and greatest content (all at once) to everyone who needs it? And, wouldn't it be great if they knew that what they had at their fingertips was the latest and greatest?

With Flipdeck, you control content and make it available to everyone who needs it. What could be easier?

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Listen to your channel or dealer sales network

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Most sales channels or dealer networks sell multiple products from multiple companies, all of whom are asking for more orders. Rather than pressuring your sales channel or dealer network to do more — or doing the job for them — treat them like a customer. Ask them what would make selling your products or services easier. Do as much of what they ask for as you can. Be the company whose products the sales channels or dealer networks like to sell, because you listen to them. Share success stories (what's working) to build momentum.

Flipdeck enables the sales channel or dealer network with a fast, accurate, and consistent way to access content, share it with customers, and stay up to date about new information.

Enable your channel with the right tool

We designed Flipdeck to make it easy for sales channels or dealer networks to have “on the spot” capability to respond to customers. The simple cards & decks approach makes information easy to find and deliver, and it's easy to customize the content to match customer profiles or buyer types.


  • Gets rid of delays caused by sales channels or dealer networks not having what the customer wants “in hand” at that moment
  • Reduces errors due to incorrect or out of date content
  • Reduces costs by doing things once instead of the same thing over and over
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Travel light and know what content is working

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Remember when sales reps were described as "Bag Carriers"? Well, the bag was heavy and often looked like a hurricane had gone through it. Fumbling around trying to find what you were looking for in front of the customer did not help build confidence on either side. There was no way to know if the literature you had was current, but you gave it to the customer anyway. If the customer needed something that you didn't carry in your bag, you promised to send it when you got back to the office. You know where this story is going.

Wouldn't it be great to respond to customers with something you carry in your pocket?

Flipdeck is purpose-built for sales content and ensures your channel's sales team can quickly find and deliver the right content to the prospect, drive higher engagement, and accelerate the sales cycle — all without your direct support and interaction.

Create an account and let the results speak for themselves.

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