How to Launch a Successful Virtual Sales Kickoff

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Key Ideas

  • Check out some tips to help make your virtual kickoff a success
  • Avoid certain pitfalls to ensure a smooth event
  • Enable personal follow-ups with Flipdeck

What does a successful virtual product/service kickoff look like?

  • Provide a seamless way to share supporting information
    Too much information or "one size fits all" can turn people off — especially in a virtual setting. Information needed for a kickoff should be clear, concise, targeted to the audience (Sales Channels, Inside Sales, Service, and Customer Support), and delivered in a format that is easy to comprehend and easy to locate for future reference.
  • Make virtual kickoffs interactive
    Lectures are often boring. Build interactive experiences — like Q&A sessions — into your kickoff. Invite feedback from Sales and Support Functions. Give them options to consider and let them choose which ones to adopt. Finding ways to engage your team increases their ownership of the kickoff.
  • Launch new products/services that are real and ready
    The products/services you're launching should deliver increased value that goes far beyond what minor changes or cosmetic improvements provide. Get right to the point and prioritize this value. This will keep your team interested, save time, and prevent "Zoom fatigue" in a virtual setting.
  • Inspire and motivate your team
    Share customer reactions that validate your kickoff plan. Build momentum during the early start-up period by celebrating success stories and sharing what is working. Be prepared to quickly supply your team with the great un-scripted ideas that result when people get together, even virtually.

What pitfalls can you avoid so your new product/service kickoff is a success?

  • Pretending that the same tactics/strategies work every year
    If you're just doing what you've always done, it's very hard to keep everyone engaged. Do minor changes or cosmetics really make your product or service more valuable to the customer? Don't turn your audience off by pretending. What can you switch up this year to make this experience more enjoyable for your team?
  • Trying to do a virtual sales kickoff the exact same way you would do an in-person kickoff
    Virtual can be viewed as a patch until things return to normal, or it can be a more cost-effective way to bring products and services to market. Just like anything new, there is a learning curve. Your first virtual kickoff isn't going to be perfect, and that's okay. Learn what your teams like and don't like in a virtual presentation — then you can make adjustments to give them what they like going forward. Don't forget to take breaks. Planning frequent breaks will prevent burnout so your team can be present and focused throughout your event.
  • No kickoff buzz from the Sales Channel, or the content isn't working
    Often the hardest sale to make is to the Sales Channel. Just like with real customers, you must give your Sales Channel what they want. They want a product/service they can sell because the customer wants it, and they also want content that makes the value to the customer obvious.
  • Promoting a product that is not yet available
    Selling futures is risky. If delivery keeps getting strung out, the customer gets tired of excuses and becomes frustrated — leaving your Sales Channel in a tough position. You also tip your hand to the competition, so they know what you are planning to do in the future.
  • Gaping holes in the content
    When you introduce a new product/service, "gift wrap" it with the content your Sales Channel and your customers need. Be prepared and avoid looking sloppy by having the whole package ready to go. "Half a loaf" isn't good enough.

Flipdeck can help:

  • Fix content delivery challenges
  • Transition to effective, highly visual digital playbooks
  • Provide sales tech that is simple and makes a difference
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Solve content challenges with our virtual solution

Your Sales Channels, Inside Sales, Service, and Customer Support organizations should have the valuable content you created right at their fingertips, especially during the virtual kickoff. Don't put it in a heavy binder that they're not going to lug around. Put it in Flipdeck so that the speakers and the attendees can pull it up on their phone during the meeting to quickly view and share.

When the virtual kickoff is finished, your team already has what they need going forward. Any great ideas, success stories, and sales tips that come out during the kickoff are quickly and easily fed to the team using Flipdeck.

Create a digital playbook with Flipdeck

You can create a virtual selling playbook in Flipdeck using cards and collections of cards that are easy to send via email or custom links.

Your playbook "sets the plays" so that each team member gets what they need to run the play successfully — whether you are using face-to-face or virtual selling. Created with convenience in mind, this digital playbook can even fit in a pocket or purse.

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digital sales playbook

Technology that's simple, visual, and makes a difference

Our cards & decks design is a familiar concept that is easy to understand and navigate — so you can arm your teams with a simple way to browse and share content.

You want your teams to sell, service, and support. Don't detract from those roles by requiring them to collect and input data to feed an elaborate tracking system. Flipdeck Analytics automatically tracks which content is being used — so you'll know what's working and what is not.

Avoid stalling the sale. With Flipdeck, you can find content quickly and immediately follow up with a personalized collection of content.

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Want a successful virtual sales kickoff event?

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