What Do Trading Cards Have to Do with Sales Teams?

Flipdeck screens

When designing Flipdeck, we realized that having a relatable analogy and a simple visual interface would be essential — and the search began.

Trading cards provide at-a-glance information

Whether collectors' items or games, trading cards have a visually consistent structure that makes it easy to quickly find a card at-a-glance. Since everyone understands that cards can be organized to form decks, trading cards became our analogy — and Flipdeck was born.

Simple and clean

We noticed that the trend in existing software was to offer so much capability that it became hard to use. There had also been a rise in file sharing services, but we didn't want to be that either. By adding links to our trading card inspired design, we found a user-friendly way to direct a recipient to the right content — no matter where it's posted.

Best of all... it works!

SellingPower Top 15 Sales Enablement Partners

Our customers are using Flipdeck's easy trading card approach to feed reusable content cards to their dealer channel, marketing team members, and sales showroom staff. Flipdeck has been named a Top Marketing Tool of the Year by Smart Selling Tools and was featured as one of Selling Power's Top Sales Enablement Partners for 2018. appPicker called Flipdeck, "a new and innovative way to save and share information" and "the app I've been trying to find for years now."

Use Flipdeck's familiar trading card inspired design to easily organize and share links to the information you care about.

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