How to Organize and Deliver Your Digital Content for Trade Shows

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Live events, trade shows and showroom visits are coming back. Are you ready to do things a little more digitally?

When Covid-19 shut down public gatherings, businesses lost a valuable selling tool — and a lot of change has occurred in the years since. Now that in-person showroom events are returning, you may have some questions:

  • Should we just reprise the same approach as before?
  • Are there new digital tools that can help us engage with attendees faster and more effectively?
  • How can we equip our booth personnel to have meaningful conversations before, during and after the event?

Here's one thing that hasn't changed: Trade shows are focused. Attendees have already qualified themselves, because they're interested in the trade show's topic and are there to see a large number of suppliers under one roof. That's good! So what helps you stand out in today's event landscape? The answer is the experience you provide. Part of that occurs by empowering your team with digital tools that provide in-booth digital content access and delivery on-the-fly.

Make sure your messaging gets through

A key component of any successful show is the messaging — the information that trade show planners and event managers want to deliver. Because trade shows can generate high-potential leads, they deserve your best efforts.

So how can you put a new spin on content delivery so that you can easily make connections? How can you equip sales personnel to share the right information quickly? What engagement strategies will help ensure your messaging isn't muddled? Here are some ideas:


  • Give booth personnel advanced access to the content you'll be featuring at the show — including demos, videos, testimonials, infographics, etc. in a single location.
  • Make it easy for reps to master the talk-tracks by providing context for how to use the content and important background info.
  • Ensure that booth personnel know what show success looks like. What is it that we want customers to do?
  • Motivate personnel with a contest between teams or shifts. Salespeople enjoy competition.


  • Staff the booth with well-equipped, well-trained salespeople. Those who are used to working from a home office may not be best equipped for in-person selling.
  • Have the ability to launch demos, videos, and any other presentation content you need from a visual home screen that everyone knows how to use.
  • Equip reps with visual reinforcement for 1-on-1 conversations and for answering tough questions.
  • Stay on your feet and avoid gathering with other internal booth personnel. Customers may feel they are interrupting if you are seated or conversing with team members.


  • Have reps reinforce event messaging with individual follow-ups.
  • Drive email follow-ups to specific content collections based on what you showed at the event.
  • Personalize follow-ups with curated information. No need to bombard attendees' inboxes with content that doesn't apply to their specific situation.
  • Use speed to your advantage. There's a short window of opportunity for follow-ups after the show — better yet send out relevant content from the show floor.

My top interest is related to trade shows. Handing out paper collateral is a waste of money and does not create a connection with a prospect. With Flipdeck, just get their email address and, on the spot, send a datasheet, demo video, business card. I can connect in real-time; no backlog of requests to send information after the conference.
— Flipdeck user

The right digital tools can help you differentiate

Putting on a show can be a mad dash no matter how well you plan. You need high-impact digital tools that are simple to use — and that don't require specialists to set up or understand. We created Flipdeck to serve exactly that purpose.

Flipdeck makes it easy to pre-load content to prepare your reps, support your booth's messaging, and empower effective conversations. Here are some ideas:

  • Prep personnel with internal training materials on your products/services, so they'll know what they are talking about.
  • Provide customer-facing product/service information, so sales reps can satisfy content delivery requests "on the spot" (attendees don't need more stuff to carry around at a show).
  • Include videos that support your product/service story.

Attendees have a positive booth experience when they can connect with a competent salesperson and get the information they wanted without jumping through hoops. Flipdeck makes it easy to support reps and give customers what they want, so everybody wins.

Why Flipdeck

Flipdeck is all about convenience — giving reps a simple, highly visual way to direct prospects and customers to specific content.

Flipdeck cards are organized into decks to provide a simple way to pre-package your digital content. There's no need to move it from where it already lives. Create cards with images, summary text, and links to everything your sales reps need — so they can save time and shine during trade shows and presentations. Once created, cards can be easily sent via email or shared via a curated Flipdeck Collection — a landing page that you can create in seconds.

laptop with cards built for tradeshow followup

You can even use Flipdeck to create your own digital sales playbook. With Flipdeck as the visual front-end for your existing sales content, it's easy to empower your team with an intuitive, customizable, living document that's always at their fingertips. If you're not sure where to begin, we've created several free planning resources to help you get started. Request the template.

Trade shows give you the opportunity to make your products/services shine. Shouldn't the way you deliver information shine too? Flipdeck gives you the digital tools to make it happen.

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