"Help! My Content in SharePoint is Hard to Find!"

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Lee Mayfield

Does this sound like you?

I hear a lot from customers who store content in Microsoft SharePoint®, and I understand why. Cloud storage accounts provide a convenient storage/download location for documents and videos you need to share.

In certain sales applications, however, SharePoint on its own can have some drawbacks:

  • Difficulty finding the right information from file names alone
  • Doesn't "show well" when presenting to prospects and customers

If these struggles sound familiar, don't worry. All you're missing is one thing, and it's easy to add — a visual "front-end" for your content in SharePoint.

concept illustration of navigating multiple folders with digital content

Locate the right content with ease

You're probably familiar with the frustration of scrolling through file names, searching for the perfect document. It's even worse if you only vaguely remember what you're looking for... but don't know the title. The more content you have stored in SharePoint, the harder it can be to find the right information quickly.

A visual front-end solution can serve as a user-friendly content menu for your SharePoint account:

  • Provide images and summary text, so reps can find the content they're looking for at a glance
  • Group content that's frequently used together (brochures, videos, demos, price sheets, etc.), so reps don't have to search for each piece individually
  • Pre-package resources by use case, buyer groups, training/coaching needs, and more — so reps can always find the specific information they need
Flipdeck interface, cards view

Impress with a visual presentation layer

No one wants to sift through file folders looking for that one white paper the melts the hearts of CISOs... especially in the middle of a presentation or sales call. Instead, opt for a simple, visual — I'll say it again for emphasis — visual presentation layer.

A visual front-end solution with a modern look and feel can help you impress when sharing resources and make your SharePoint content more presentation friendly:

  • Package public-facing information ahead of time, so it's ready to go at a moment's notice
  • Improve content appeal with company branding and high-quality images, so your reps and your company look good
  • Group content into presentation-specific landing pages, so recipients and audiences only see the information that's meaningful to them
  • Tell your stories and present with high impact
Flipdeck UI on a desktop computer

Flipdeck is a great addition to SharePoint

We built Flipdeck to work hand in hand with your central cloud storage, not against it. Like SharePoint, Flipdeck is all about convenience — providing a simple, highly visual way to direct reps, partners, prospects, and customers to specific content.

Flipdeck cards, organized into decks, provide a simple way to pre-package your SharePoint content. There's no need to move it from where it already lives. Create cards with images, summary text, and SharePoint links to everything your sales reps need, so they can save time and shine during presentations.

You can even use Flipdeck to create your own digital sales playbook. With Flipdeck as the visual front-end for your existing sales content, you can empower your team with an intuitive, customizable, living document that's always at their fingertips. If you're not sure where to begin, we've created several free planning resources to help you get started.

No matter where sales resources are stored, Flipdeck makes it easy to share personalized content with team members, new salespeople, professional partners, prospects, clients, conference attendees, and more. Send cards via email in just a few clicks — or create a curated Collection of targeted content and send a link via Linkedin messaging, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, text messaging, social media posts, and more.

And that's not all! Flipdeck Full View Analytics can help you see who's interacting with your content, how many times it's been shared, who on your team may need more coaching, engagement metrics, and much more.

Give your SharePoint account a user-friendly, visual front-end with Flipdeck.

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