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In this video, we take a quick look at Flipdeck. You'll learn about cards and decks, ways to share content, Flipdeck Analytics, and more.

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Now that you understand the basics of Flipdeck, check out the links below on this page for more information.

Flipdeck collection shown on a smartphone

Share your content with the Flipdeck Collections feature

You can pull together your Flipdeck cards into an online collection that you use over and over or tailor it for a specific company or person. Select the content you need and create a custom URL that you can send via social media, email, text, and more.

View a sample Collection.
Read a step-by-step guide to creating custom Collections.

virtual selling

Use Flipdeck for virtual selling

Is virtual selling a "patch" for your sales teams until "normal" returns? Or is it a new cost-effective way to stay connected with existing customers and reach new geographic markets? Outshine your competition by using Flipdeck for timely digital delivery of your sales content before, during, and following a virtual sales session.

Check out our virtual selling best practices.
creating a digital playbook in Flipdeck

Use Flipdeck to create a digital sales playbook

Is it a pain to keep your sales playbook up to date with all the changes that occur — forcing you to daily distribute updated plays to the field? Ditch the bloated PDF and create a digital sales playbook in Flipdeck.

Click here to learn how and see some digital playbook examples.
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Save time with Flipdeck's fully managed services

Want to make the most of Flipdeck, but don't know where to start? Do you not have the time and resources to manage it on your own? No problem. If you need help organizing content, assessing gaps, or even just account maintenance, we are here to help.

Check out our consulting and managed services

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