Get a Custom Email Template with the Branding Option

customized emails from Flipdeck

When a Flipdeck card arrives in your customer's inbox, your customer sees your message, card image and text, links to your content, and your signature — all in a single email. Want to customize your email communications even further? Consider the Branding Option: available to add to TEAM Plus accounts.

Add your logo to your template

Branded email template

With the Branding Option, we can customize your email template even further by adding your company logo. All future cards emailed to customers via Flipdeck will be sent with this personalized template.

Customize with your approved colors and more

Your approved colors are integral to your brand. With the Branding Option, we can also adjust the email appearance to include your colors — making your communications with customers a both personal and on-brand.

about adding the Branding Option to your account. Also ask us about our other available options — including file storage and customized landing pages on Flipdeck — or our Fully Managed Account option where we do everything for you.

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