Increase Sales by Reducing Your Reaction Time

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Generating more sales is one of the most common concerns of today's business teams — but increased spending on lead generation may not be the most effective use of your resources. Nurturing the opportunities you already have through meaningful conversations and targeted messaging can advance your sales — guiding them through the mid-funnel and toward the close.

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Give prospects targeted answers

Your potential customers are looking to do more than just understand your product or service. They're looking for reasons to buy from you — as well as looking for reassurance that they're not making a mistake. When customers have targeted concerns, your response needs to be targeted as well. Take advantage of every opportunity to give customers the specific information they need. Failing to do this runs the risk of customer interest cooling off — making your potential sale that much harder.

The right content at the right moment

You've listened to your prospect, understand the key points where they need assurance, and can picture in your mind the perfect case study and video to help — but the information is stuck on your desktop back at the office or difficult to find on the corporate website. Targeted information doesn't do you much good if it's not available right when you need it, and complicated workarounds can be more hindrance than help. Whether you're a team of one or an enterprise sales operation, make sure that the information customers care about is within easy reach. Producing quality information with a fast response time helps build trust in your brand — showing potential customers that you are faster and more relevant to their needs.

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Use Flipdeck to send just the right link in seconds

With Flipdeck's intuitive 'cards and decks' approach, sales teams can organize and share just the right content in seconds — anytime someone asks. A card can contain links to product information, sample timelines, white papers, case studies, pricing sheets, forms, and more. Customers get easy access to the information they need — right away, right from your mobile device

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