No Need to Reinvent the Wheel — Share Completed Cards With Other Users

Flipdeck cards

Have cards that are performing especially well? Share the wealth! Our latest update enables card sharing, so your entire team can be on the same page.

Share cards with each other

Want to keep other members on your team informed? No problem. Simply find the right card under My Decks and choose Share from the card's menu. Then, select a recipient account user.

Accept shared cards via email and add them with ease

It's easy for recipients to add shared cards to their decks. Recipients receive an email and a message prompting them to accept the shared card. Once accepted, the recipient simply chooses a deck placement. If the card is placed in a deck that is part of a subscription, that subscription will be automatically updated with the new card.

We hope this new feature helps everyone on your team benefit from each member's success.

Create an account and let the results speak for themselves.

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