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Flipdeck "Subscriptions" Are Now Flipdeck "Feeds"

Feeds screen

We've made a slight modification to our user interface to enhance your Flipdeck experience.

Clear labeling

At Flipdeck, we’re always looking for ways to streamline and simplify the user experience. We believe that this name change helps improve navigation labeling — using terms that are more intuitive.

Support for new iOS connection feature

This name change also supports our new iOS connection option — which allows you to connect any Flipdeck account with the Flipdeck iOS® app!

No impact on existing subscriptions

Rest assured that your existing subscriptions are still intact. Simply select the “Feeds” tab to access them. The functionality is unchanged, and icons and navigation position remain the same.

We hope this name change will give your sales team an even more intuitive Flipdeck experience.

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