Simple Content Organizer for Reps

Organize links to content on cards & decks. Flipdeck is visual and intuitive, so everyone can quickly find and deliver the right content in a way that's enjoyable for prospects.

Why Flipdeck?

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Here's what others have said about Flipdeck

"The beauty of Flipdeck is its minimalist approach. The content clutter is eliminated for both the salesperson and the buyer. Simplicity and clarity are the cornerstones of good design."
– Nancy Nardin, President, Smart Selling Tools.

"I like how all the information I want to share is in one place — no hunting and pecking around."
- C. Whipple, Ricoh USA

"A clever and innovative tool."
- Steven Wright, Vendor Neutral

"I discovered that Flipdeck is awesome."
- Ray Stasieczko, TEASRA the Innovation Channel

"I am excited to be using Flipdeck since I send so much of the same information out and I'm always hunting it down and attaching to e-mail!!!"
- M. Stone

Learn from analytics

  • Dashboard shows you which content is working and which is not
  • You'll know the top cards accessed and shared by your teams
  • Identify the "power users" from a built-in leader board
  • See which teams or regions are most active and who needs coaching
  • You'll have metrics on cards opened and what links recipients clicked

Customers innovate with Flipdeck

Ray Stasieczko, a passionate Flipdeck user and host of The End of The Day with Ray, is using Flipdeck to manage and send content about his new services.

"Folks, we're working on this special project for IT service providers and through that work I discovered something. I discovered that Flipdeck is awesome... because I'm using it to promote The End of The Day With Ray and my new venue Ray's Café."

- Ray Stasieczko
Host of The End of the Day With Ray

Ray Stasieczko
Nancy Nardin's Sales Tech Review

Flipdeck was named a "Top Sales Tool of the Year" by Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools.

"The simple content organizer by Flipdeck lets you share any content you want to share on a single card or deck of cards. Add a photo and description, and then links to web pages, documents and videos.

Getting prospects to engage repeatedly is at the heart of the sales process. Can't tell you enough, how much I like Flipdeck's ease-of-use for both a great seller and customer experience."

- Nancy Nardin
President, Smart Selling Tools