Flipdeck® Announces Its Newest Feature: The Auto Card Builder

This new addition makes it easier than ever to create Flipdeck Cards because Flipdeck does the work for you.

Los Gatos, California — January 23, 2024

Silicon Valley-based Flipdeck® announced today the launch of the Flipdeck Card Builder. This new feature can auto-populate a Flipdeck card simply by pasting in a URL.

“We’re so excited to share Flipdeck’s new feature,” said Lee Mayfield, President of Presentek, the creator of Flipdeck. “We expect the Flipdeck Card Builder to be the preferred method of creating reusable Flipdeck Cards because all of the work is done for you.”

screenshot of card builder interface

The Flipdeck Card Builder makes Card Creation Simple and Fast.

  • Creates Cards in seconds
  • Use Flipdeck-suggested images
  • Descriptions and links are auto-populated by Flipdeck

How it Works:

Creating Cards has never been simpler. Just enter a URL! If the page or file is accessible on the internet, Flipdeck will create the Card. Of course, you can still edit the card if you would like.

Just press the CARD BUILDER button on the Dashboard or within a Deck to try it out!

With this new Auto Card Creation feature, creating shareable Flipdeck Cards is super fast — and you don’t have to worry about finding an image or crafting a description. If you want to tweak something, you can. The choice is always yours.

Try the Flipdeck Auto Card Builder for Free:

New users can access the feature for 15 days as part of a Flipdeck free trial — no credit card required. Create an account at https://www.flipdeck.com/tryflipdeck.

About Flipdeck:

Flipdeck is a SaaS technology solution that helps businesses organize and share information in seconds. With Flipdeck, users don’t have to move their content. It can remain wherever it lives — whether that’s a website, cloud storage account, social media feed, video streaming service, or any location with an accessible link. By organizing links to online content on visual Flipdeck Cards, contained in logical Decks, users can quickly find, access, and share content with those who need it.

Learn more at https://www.flipdeck.com.

Flipdeck is a registered trademark of Presentek, Inc. based out of Silicon Valley (Los Gatos, CA).