Flipdeck® Announces Its Newest Client Engagement Feature: Flipdeck Stories™

This new addition makes it easier than ever to simplify how information is delivered to customers through digital storytelling.

Los Gatos, California — March 22, 2023

Silicon Valley-based Flipdeck® announced today the launch of Flipdeck Stories™, a new feature that allows users to easily communicate their message to their audience in narrative form.

“We're so excited to share Flipdeck's new storytelling feature,” said Lee Mayfield, President of Presentek, the creator of Flipdeck. “We created Flipdeck Stories to make it really easy for you to present your content as a compelling, less-is-more narrative — and have your audience right there with you.”

View an Example Flipdeck Story

“Storytelling can set you and your content apart and give you a chance to form an emotional connection with your audience,” said Mayfield. “Even when you have great content, you still have choices on how you want to deliver it. You could drag people kicking and screaming through slide after slide after slide (and we've all been there), or you can engage your audience with a big idea and a story arc that draws people in.”

Key Benefits of Flipdeck Stories:

  • Message simplicity: Lighten the load of information needed to present to customers.
  • User-friendly template: Provide context and a visual front end for content.
  • High-impact visuals: Easily bring in pictures, video, infographics, and more to keep audiences engaged.
  • Flipdeck Card integration: Leverage Flipdeck Cards and Collections to guide viewers to next steps with links to key content.

“Stories allow you to build anticipation while compelling the reader to keep reading,” said Tommy Sanchez, Development Team Lead at Presentek, the creator of Flipdeck. “We enhance this experience by immersing the user in your Story from the moment they hit 'Begin.' Each panel builds and animates as the user navigates through the Story, adding visual interest without getting in the way of the message.”

How it Works:

The user-friendly template makes it simple to create a Flipdeck Story. Users construct their Stories with simple, visual panels that can contain text, images, links, videos (from YouTube and other services), Flipdeck Cards, and Flipdeck Collections.
Flipdeck outputs the Story to a URL that can be shared with a client, published on social media, or linked from an email or website. Users can choose to make Stories accessible to anyone with the link, or they can enable password protection.
Users can duplicate an existing Story in just a few clicks and tweak it to personalize for a particular recipient.
When the Story begins, viewers are presented with a full-screen view. Subtle, visually interesting movements are baked in for increased engagement. The automatically generated Story index gives users the flexibility to jump around to different topics.
With Flipdeck Analytics, users can gain insight about Story engagement, see what's working, and identify areas for potential improvement.

Try Flipdeck Stories for Free:

New users can access the feature for 15 days as part of a Flipdeck free trial — no credit card required. Create an account at https://flipdeck.com/tryflipdeck.

Existing users can create one free Story within their account by accessing the new Stories tab. Full Flipdeck Stories access can be added to any plan or pricing option within the account Billing Portal.

About Flipdeck:

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With Flipdeck, users don't have to move their content. It can remain wherever it lives — whether that's a website, cloud storage account, social media feed, video streaming service, or any location with an accessible link. By organizing links to online content on visual Flipdeck Cards, contained in logical Decks, users can quickly find, access, and share content with those who need it.

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