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Use Flipdeck to Maximize Connections During Your Job Search

You've probably heard the phrase, "It's not what you know, it's who you know." What this phrase doesn't quite cover is that networking frequently happens when you least expect it. Connections can spring from unexpected conversations with friends of friends, acquaintances, and even strangers. Are you ready when this happens?

Bent and crumpled business card

It's easy to forget to carry pre-printed contact cards with you at all times — or to replenish them after you give them away. What happens to cards that have been living in your wallet for some time and end up with folded corners or creases?

Be ready to make a great impression with anyone. With Flipdeck, your contact information becomes digital, shareable, and clickable — no more pressing a 3.5x2 card into someone’s hand or scribbling your info onto a scrap piece of paper and hoping for the best.

Better than a contact card

You may not always have pre-printed contact information on you, but you probably always have your phone. Give your key info to new connections in a way that is smooth and painless for both of you. Text or email a tidy package with a picture, contact details, and relevant links to your portfolio, LinkedIn page, sample projects, or anything that can live on the web. Your recipient doesn't have to keep track of a piece of paper or manually add your contact info later.

Because Flipdeck cards are pre-made and always at the ready, there's no need to remember to send a follow-up or compose an email on the spot. Plus, with links to your portfolio and resume included, Flipdeck cards give new connections a more thorough picture of your abilities.

Business card in Flipdeck

Tailor cards to your audience

Your network can be made up of both formal and informal connections. Be prepared for chance encounters of all kinds with variations of your key information. Create a card with your resume, professional headshot, contact details, portfolio link, list of references, etc. for formal networking situations. Create a less formal card with your photo, contact details, and LinkedIn page URL for conversations sparked during introductions, parties, and small talk.

Even your hobbies can demonstrate that you can follow a process and execute on a plan. Showing that you can be creative and take risks translates to almost any job and can be a boon to employers. Show off that talent with a Flipdeck card that includes links to a photo gallery of finished work, a focused blog, a well-curated social media feed, or anything that shows off who you are and what you do.

Want to try it?

Flipdeck helps you look good — giving new connections the impression that you're someone with whom it's easy to do business.

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