Tips for Better Networking

Are you back in the job market... or know someone who is? When it comes to finding a new job — whether by necessity or due to seeking new opportunities — most job seekers recognize the importance of formal networking. However, people can often overlook the potential opportunities to be found in personal networking.

Your existing network may be wider than you think

There are probably many people already “in your network" that you might not even think of as potential business connections. For example:

  • Parents you meet through your child's extracurricular activities
  • Your faith or religious community
  • Members in your hiking group
  • Gym friends

Conversations about mutual interests can segue into conversations about your job hunt, so don’t be afraid to mention it to those you meet in a social setting.

Be open with people about your job search

Potential opportunities are everywhere. While it may feel tempting to “go it alone” when reentering the job market, you never know who in your life might know someone in your desired career field. Don't forget to talk to the people you know about your job hunt, so they know you're looking! They just might have someone in their networks who can help you find the right opportunity.

Have the right tools at your fingertips

Your network can be made up of both formal and informal connections. Be prepared for chance encounters of all kinds with variations of your key information. Use Flipdeck as part of your tool arsenal for easy content sharing to make the most of any potential networking opportunities. For example, if an acquaintance knows a recruiter or hiring manager and offers to "forward your resume", using Flipdeck to send them your information makes one tidy package they can forward with links to all your important details — and it takes some of the onus off of them to position everything as you would.

In addition to structured networking events and formal introductions, look to your immediate network for potential connections that just might help you find your next great job.

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