Ditch the bloated PDF for a digital sales playbook.

Flipdeck interface on a laptop, a tablet, and a mobile device showing examples of how to use Flipdeck cards and decks to build digital sales playbooks.

Is it time for a pivot on your sales and marketing playbook?

You’ve spent a ton of energy on:

  1. Analyzing markets and trends
  2. Assessing the competition
  3. Determining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  4. Collecting all that information into a playbook that is supposed to guide Sales to repeatable success

But… is the resulting playbook packed so full of knowledge and guidance that it turns into a lengthy PDF that no one wants to read — let alone use in their selling process?

Is it a pain to keep the playbook up to date with all the changes that occur, forcing you to daily distribute updated plays to the field?

Businessman with a tablet emphasizing sales strategy but using x's and o's like a sports playbook.
Flipdeck interface on iphone and android devices, displaying cards and decks relating to sales and selling products.

Here is some good news:

There is a better way to create a playbook for your sales team — one that is much simpler, more visual, and more modern.

Ditch the thick pdf playbook with the multi-page index and replace it with something your direct sales teams and dealer sales reps will actually use — a playbook in Flipdeck.

Flipdeck is designed to be highly visual and intuitive. Remember trading card games? Everything your sales channels need is organized into Flipdeck decks and cards. Each card contains links to sales content material, which can be stored anywhere.

Startup is easy.

Once you’ve created your decks and cards, invite the field to access your Flipdeck playbook.

Your sales team will have the content they need to close business, right at their fingertips. Information is organized, accessible, and easy to find. Send cards to customers via email or create a collection of targeted content and send a link through Linkedin messaging, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams.

When new information is available or cards get updated, your sales team gets notified about new and updated sales plays or supporting content.

Flipdeck web app displaying cards and decks with content on products and services for salespeople.
Flipdeck analytics dashboard showing an example of how analytics can help determine who is using your sales playbook.

Use the analytics dashboard to determine who is using your playbook and which sales content is actually being used by your sales teams.

See below for some examples of how Flipdeck can help you create a flexible, adaptable sales and marketing playbook:

Flipdeck gives you the flexibility to create a playbook tailored to your selling channels

If your sales channels are seasoned pros, they may not need much more than:

  • What are the products/services I am selling?
  • Who are the most likely potential customers?
  • Who am I competing with?
  • What administrative or legal steps do I have to follow?
Businesswoman using Flipdeck to provide a great sales experience and accomplish her sales goals.

Here’s how to do it in Flipdeck:

Flipdeck interface showing cards and decks with content on company updates and materials.
  • Create a Products/Services deck (or multiple decks) with cards for individual products/services, specs, price lists, etc.
  • Create a Customer deck with cards for market segments, geographic areas, endorsements, testimonials, etc.
  • Create a Competition deck with analysis cards for each significant competitor.
  • Create an Admin deck with cards for quoting, order processing, terms & conditions, installation instructions, warranty, etc.
Flipdeck cards for training schedules and pre-installation service check lists.

If sales channels need more support, or you are introducing a new product or service, you can add:

  • Decks and cards with links to video to coach the field reps through different topics
  • Decks and cards with links to explain the strategy behind the new products/services

If sales channels need feedback or motivation, you can add:

  • Decks and cards that track performance, sales contests, goals, etc.
List of Subscribed decks for sales reps, coaching, performance, and strategy.

If your playbook is not working well, it's time to pivot and rethink what is essential. When you know what is essential to the sales channel, give it to them — but deliver it in a simple, modern, and highly visual way.