Flipdeck Announces its Newest Feature, Card Collections

This new feature allows users to gather cards into a publicly available URL that can be shared via email, text, social media, and more.

Los Gatos, California (PRWEB) - March 3, 2021

Silicon Valley-based Flipdeck announced today its newest functionality — Card Collections — is live. Now sales professionals can offer specifically curated content personalized towards each customer's unique interests, pain points, and goals.

"Customers are looking for information tailored to them and their needs and challenges. With Flipdeck's new Collections capability, our users can quickly select pieces of content from their Flipdeck account and deliver that to customers using a single link," said Lee Mayfield, Flipdeck founder. "This opens up new ways for reps to deliver hand-picked customer-focused content and engage in social selling."

The new Collections capability is made available to all existing account owners at no additional cost.

Here's how it works:

  • Choose content cards from any deck — including Subscribed Decks — to add to a Collection.
  • By default, Collections are publicly viewable by anyone with the direct URL, but users can also choose to enable password protection if they wish.
  • If a Flipdeck account has the Branding Options add-on, the landing page will be presented with the same branding as outgoing emails.
  • Choose Send Cards to send a new Collection via email or choose Copy Link to Clipboard to share the Collection URL via text or feature on social media, websites, and more.

Personal wins over persona

Marketing personas can provide helpful guidelines for aligning sales content with different types of buyers — but many sales professionals forget to look past the persona and see the individual person. Just because Prospect A and Prospect B are both CEOs in the finance sector doesn't mean they will always find the same content helpful. With Flipdeck's new Collections feature, sales professionals can stop communicating with imaginary stereotypes and connect with buyers as people. This new functionality makes it easy for sales reps to package exactly what their individual customers need to help further relationships and move conversations toward the close.

Enable personal follow-ups with Flipdeck

With Flipdeck's Card Collections feature, users can gather cards from any deck into a customized Collection — complete with a direct URL that can be shared via email, text, LinkedIn message, social media, and more. This curated landing page can even be password protected.

Learn more about how Flipdeck Collections can help add value to customer and prospect follow-ups.

Customers innovate with Flipdeck

Ray Stasieczko, a passionate Flipdeck user and host of The End of The Day with Ray, is using Flipdeck to manage and send content about his new services.

"This new capability of Flipdeck software is going to change the game in digital communication platforms [...] Flipdeck is going to change social engagement in remarkable ways."

Listen in as Flipdeck founder, Lee Mayfield, and Ray Stasieczko share Flipdeck's newest URL capabilities on this special episode of "The End of the Day with Ray" to see how Ray uses Flipdeck to connect with his LinkedIn connections.

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