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Do your customers struggle with content?

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We came up with Flipdeck because our customers struggled to organize and deliver the content that was being created for them. The common complaint was that the people who were supposed to benefit from all this great content couldn't find it. If they did stumble across it, they really were not given any clue of how to use it — and no one really knew what was being used and what wasn't.

We wanted a cloud-based software solution that was incredibly visual and simple enough so that users would embrace it. The idea of putting links to any content on visual cards and organizing them in digital decks was born...and that became Flipdeck.

Your agency is doing amazing things for your clients. Don't let your work get lost in some dusty intranet or be forgotten because it's out of sight and out of mind. You know better than anyone how your clients should organize content and keep it fresh so it performs. When your clients use Flipdeck, your content shines, the platform gives you a way to provide ongoing value, you can answer questions about who's using what, and use data to identify areas where your agency services are needed.

Grow your revenue through Flipdeck

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When you refer Flipdeck to your clients you open up both point-in-time project revenue and ongoing recurring revenue for your digital agency. Here are some examples of customer use cases that are a great fit for Flipdeck.

  • Digital Sales Playbooks
  • New Product Launches
  • Rep Training and Enablement
  • Industry-focused Content
  • Onboarding Customers/Partners
  • Organize Marketing Content in Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive, DropBox, Box.net, etc.
  • Personalized Customer Engagement and Proposals

How does Flipdeck help me earn revenue?

After many years providing agency services for all kinds of companies, we have a good idea of where the revenue opportunities are. Here are just some examples of services that your agency can provide:

  • Content delivery strategy (consulting and planning)
  • Implementation (setup Flipdeck Cards & Decks for your client)
  • Generate new content to address gaps
  • Ongoing maintenance of Cards & Decks; add new ones as content is generated
  • Ongoing account admin services
  • Ongoing measurement of effectiveness (review analytics, advise client on refinements and improvements)
  • Create more content aligned to what is performing

Become a Flipdeck Agency Partner

When you become a Flipdeck Agency Partner, some of the benefits include:

  • New revenue and income sources
  • New value for your customers
  • Promotion of your agency
  • We'll support you and protect your client relationship
  • FREE Flipdeck demo account and marketing materials
  • Massively discounted Flipdeck account for use by your agency
  • Guidance on pricing and professional services strategy

If you'd like to check out Flipdeck, you can sign up for a Flipdeck FREE trial account.

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